Thursday, October 26, 2006

Level 2 Ultrasound

Yesterday we had our Level 2 ultrasound. Dr. Hintz had told us to plan on four hours, but I guess I didn’t really think it would take that long. It did. We got there at 1:20 and we left at about 5:15. It was a VERY long day to say the least! He did give me breaks after each baby for about five minutes to go potty, get up and walk around, and get off laying on my back. He dictated each baby during that time. After the first baby, both Steve and I thought that he was finished with two babies instead of one!He looked in detail at each baby’s brain, heart, kidneys, gallbladder, bladder, bones, everything! He said that he couldn’t believe what great views he got of two of the babies hearts and he was really able to look at them in depth. The third baby is a flipper, so he didn’t get as great a look, but still got a very good look at it. Everything with all three babies is absolutely perfect!!! There is nothing wrong with any of them! That is such a relief. Baby A (Mr. Flipper) was breech like everyone else, then one minute later he was head down, then another few minutes would pass and he would be transverse. He REALLY liked to move around. He was also the last one to be looked at and was buried pretty deep in my pelvis when he was transverse, so that could be why he was uncooperative. All three babies are measuring at 20 weeks, 5 days and I am 21 weeks, 2 days, so they are still doing very well. Baby A (identical) weighed .83 pounds and was the smallest of the three, but not by much at all. Baby B (the other identical) weighed .86 pounds and was the largest of the three. Baby C weighed .84 pounds. I forgot to ask him how long they were, but they are really very long, which surprised me. All three when breech had their heads way up high under the top part of my rib cages, with butts down by hips and legs over to the side from that. Steve and I are still trying to figure out the report he gave us of each baby so we can figure out just how long they each were, but it is Greek to us! And it really doesn’t even matter, considering they are doing so great! Dr. Hintz gave us a disk with over 200 images on it of each of the babies, plus six live action movies of them. That was really neat to be able to show Austin and Aidan. They both lost interest in it pretty quick, but at least they got to see it.The very best part of the day came at the end when he checked my cervix. I dread having it done, but it was excellent. The first time he measured it it was 4 cm and he was certain it couldn’t possibly still be that long, so he had me go to the bathroom. Then he measured it again and it was 7 cm!! It hasn’t started to shorten AT ALL and he said he has never seen anything like it at this stage. Shirley, his nurse thought it would be hilarious if he had to induce triplets. He said he didn’t think THAT would happen, but he did say that he is pretty sure I will go very far. That is so reassuring! For once a part of me that doesn’t work is turning out to be a huge blessing!!I put some pictures of the babies on the front page and I put a few more under “my photo gallery” for your perusing pleasure, if you so desire. They are too big to get anything more than the tops of three heads on one picture and he didn’t save that image, so they are all individual. Some have various parts of the other babies’ in with them, though!Thank you so much for all of your prayers…God is so great! We are feeling so privileged to daily be able to witness God’s awesome power!!

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

20 weeks

(20 weeks front)

(20 weeks side)

(20 weeks side)
I finally had the guts to take a picture. This is 20 weeks.

Sunday, October 8, 2006

Baby Names

I think that we have finally decided on first names for the boys! We are thinking they will be named Nathaniel, Noah, and Ethan. We are still deciding on middle names, which is still difficult, but at least we have some first names! Things have been going pretty well yet. I am tired and sore, but that is to be expected. We have our level 2 ultrasound on October 25. This is the one where they will look at each baby in detail to make sure they are all doing well, growing as they should be, and to check for birth defects or anything that may need to be addressed at their birth. With Aidan, it took about an hour and a half, this time my OB wants us to plan on at least three hours and probably more. I hope he's putting potty breaks in there!!I am still working on how to figure out our scanner to get pictures of the boys up and hopefully, some belly shots also. That has been incredible this time. I am, at almost five months, about the size I was with Aidan when I was about 7 1/2 months pregnant! It is so amazing to think of three little babies growing in there. They are getting more and more active as they days pass, also. Wow...they are all starting to move all over! It is so neat to feel!! Aidan loves talking to the babies and kissing my tummy. He gives each baby a kiss and talks to them all the time. He can say Noah pretty well, Ethan is pronounced "Efan," and Nathaniel is "Bafano." We'll keep working on it. Austin and Aidan began sharing a room yesterday. Austin's room has a lot more space than I realized! Aidan was quite annoying last night, though, and wouldn't quit talking to Austin. When Austin ignored him, he would just climb into bed with Austin. Tonight, Austin has 4H, so I am putting Aidan to bed while Austin is gone and hopefully he will be asleep long before Austin gets home! Thanks for all the prayers!