Monday, September 29, 2008

My Favorite Pictures

Since I don't have a lot of time to write much lately (and it's difficult to type one-handed), I am posting a few of my favorite pictures since Hannah has joined us at home.
Daddy and Hannah - right before I took the picture, she was staring adoringly at Daddy.

Ethan entertaining himself in the shoe box.
Noah looking out the window.

Aidan and Noah loving Hannah and each other.

Noah - Protector of Hannah
Please do not come near my sister.
Noah - torked because he isn't holding Hannah any more.
Hannah Grace - sleeping in her swing.
Close up of Hannah sleeping.

Finally, all six of our blessings. (L-R) Nathanial, Austin, Noah, Hannah, Aidan, and Ethan.

Monday, September 22, 2008

First Doctor Visit

Hannah went in for her appointment to check for weight gain and jaundice. She was up to 7 pounds - fully clothed. Yay! She also was not looking at all yellow, which was good. She wants us to redraw a final bili on Friday to be positive it's going down, but I know it is. Looks like one more trip to Allen for Hannah and I.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Introducing Our Daughter

Hannah Grace Calonder
September 16, 2008
1:38 pm
7 pounds, 4.7 ounces
20 1/4" long
Everyone is doing fabulous! Austin and Aidan are totally in love, as are Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah. So far, everyone is loving being a big brother (some for the first time, some for the fifth!) and they are all protective of their baby sister. We are home and I will try to update with more pictures and details as I feel a little better. I am feeling actually really good this time around...just exhausted! Hannah is doing great! She is down to 6 pounds, 9 ounces, but hasn't lost anything in the last 24 hours. She is a petite, tiny little peanut and just beautiful! As soon as we get the link from the hospital, we will send those pictures (much better than mine!).
Thanks for all the prayers....God is great!!!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

38 Weeks - Final Picture

Here's my first (and final) belly picture of this pregnancy. We're about to leave for the hospital!!

Friday, September 12, 2008

Name Poll Results

Well, the name poll is officially over (as of 11:59 pm yesterday) and it was a lot of fun. And very interesting. Here's how it ended (it ended up getting removed when I switched the background):

Grace - 25 votes
Hannah - 16 votes
Maria - 7 votes
Ruby - 13 votes
Faith - 8 votes

I am curious....did Grace receive so many votes because it was first on the list, and therefor people assume it is her name?? Or is it a name you all really love? That's been my most interesting thought through this process.

Originally, we said that her name is a combination of the names that were in the poll. Lately, however, Steve and I have discussed her name and decided on.....

.........DRUMROLL PLEASE............

Palin Joan Calonder!!!!

Now....are we serious?? I guess you will have to wait until Tuesday to find out!!! (Don't be surprised if we are serious, though!)

Thank you to everyone who was fun to watch and I really enjoyed everyone's input. Even if we do choose Palin Joan instead!

As for how little Palin is doing....pretty good. I went in yesterday for my final OB appointment and everything is "pretty much the same." So, because she is not in distress, holding up fine, and yet unaffected by everything, we are waiting until Tuesday to deliver. Whew! According to OB's calculations, that will put Palin at 37 weeks, 6 days gestation...pretty perfect! (According to my calculations, it puts us at 38 weeks, 2 days.) She is moving much less these days, but I am hoping because she is running out of room. She is still making breathing movements, though. I am still having pretty regular, kinda intense contractions (thank goodness for a cervix that is "uncooperative" in this situation!) and bleeding. She still looks exactly like Noah and Aidan in her ultrasounds. Round face with big cheeks and appears to be bald. I would attach a picture, but for some reason our printer/scanner/copier is acting up. Ugh!

We cannot wait to meet little Palin!! Please pray for her safe delivery and health on Tuesday.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yet Another Appointment

Well, I went in again this morning for my normal check, which now includes an ultrasound. I was still having quite a bit of bleeding when I arrived. He checked everything. Everything with little Miss C is doing well still. She was not as "reactive" as he wanted her to be, however. Her heart and blood flow to the cord and brain all looked great. My blood pressure was a tiny bit elevated, but nothing terrible. I lost another 5 pounds again.

When he was done with the scan, he decided he wanted to do a non-stress test to make sure everything was OK and also moved up the c-section date. I was glad for that because the stress is really getting to me. We are now scheduled for September 16 (Tuesday) with my physical next week. Under two weeks left. Wow!

When I went in for the NST, everything was OK. She was still not very reactive, so they fed me apple juice...yuck. Then she finally had the accel they wanted (after over two hours!) and I was allowed to go home. Thank goodness.

Continued prayers would be greatly appreciated for the next couple of weeks and for a safe delivery and healthy baby.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Prayers please

I hesitated to write this entry, but have decided the more prayers we have right now, the better.

Last week, I started spotting. When I went in on Thursday, my doctor thought I was nuts and couldn't find anything. Then, Friday night/Saturday morning, it became extremely heavy with a lot of "cramping." I finally called at what I thought was a more decent hour (5 am) and was told to get to the hospital. Of course, on our way, it slowed way down.

I realize this is my fourth pregnancy and I should know what contractions are, but I really don't. The last time I actually had any to remember was thirteen years ago. With the triplets, they were all in my back and massive, but did no real damage. So, when I had cramping, I thought it was just cramping. When they hooked me up, they realized nope, it really was contractions. I thought they were about 20 minutes apart, turns out they were 3-5 minutes apart. I was told that my doctor wanted to have me monitored for a few hours and some bloodwork, then he would come in to see me.

In the course of the next several hours, the bleeding really, really slowed down and the contractions spread out to every 10-12 minutes. When he came in, he saw the bleeding, but still couldn't find where it was originating. He is sure it is a small tear in the placenta, but he can't find where. I suppose that's a good thing, because it isn't big enough to find.

Because we were able to control the bleeding and the contractions (and my cervix doesn't work), he has decided to wait to deliver. I am only just over 36 weeks, so the longer little Miss can stay put, the better.

Since Saturday, I have had more heavy bleeding every day for several hours a day. When it isn't heavy, it's light, but it's constant. I have called him, like I was instructed to. I am supposed to monitor movement and make sure she is still moving. So far, she is. I go back in tomorrow for another regular check up.

This is very scary to me and I do not like it. It has been very stressful and I am seriously wishing this pregnancy would be over. That is not like me...I love being pregnant and while I am so excited to meet her, I want to meet her healthy and not early. But the stress is getting to me. I have prayed and prayed, leaving it to God, but that is difficult. I would appreciate your prayers for a healthy baby and as uneventful rest of the pregnancy as possible.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Great Escape

I had a doctor's appointment this evening, so Steve came home early to stay with the boys. Austin and Aidan decided they wanted to go to the library, and Dad let them. That was all fine and good. Apparently, when they got home, they forgot to close the back door. I do not know how you forget to close a door, but leave it to either of them to do it.

Suddenly, about five minutes later, Steve realized that Ethan and Noah were missing. Panic set in and he went searching for them...discovering the Open Door. He raced around and found them three houses down, being corralled by people he didn't know. I called about five minutes after he got them back inside, but panicked just the same as him. I am so thankful they decided (apparently) to stay on the sidewalk. Ethan likes to run and thinks it's hilarious when we are outside to run away from me, but has never, ever gotten beyond our yard. Noah and Ethan are so close, they do everything together, so I imagine when Ethan formed the plan, Noah was more than willing to go along. Thankfully, Nathanial likes to spend a lot of time by himself so didn't notice the other two had taken off.

What happens when they talk, for real, and can formulate plans together??? Or get the door open themselves?? I do not want to think about it....