Monday, June 29, 2009

My Brother's Wedding

I cannot believe baby brother is married! We had a fabulous extended weekend for his wedding and everyone had a great time! For how cold and icky our entire summer has been, I think this had to be the very hottest day yet!

{Michael and Tiffany}{Michael and Tiffany}
{Granny and Grandpa}
I just love the look on Michael's face in this picture
Noah Noah is sooo hot!

{Ethan...observe "The Look" he is giving me!}



Aidan is so hot and just wants to go somewhere cooler...

{Mommy and Hannah}

Noah enjoying the view

Brotherly Conversations

Time to get your groove on!!

Grandma helping Ethan catch the garter

Getting ready for the garter to be tossed

Aidan caught the garter!!

Noah gettin' his groove on

Noah and Lily...during the first dance.

Look at cute!

My children turned out to be quite the little dancers.

Grandma and Nathanial (I believe)

Ali and Ethan

Hannah enjoying a little time with Jessica's phone

Could hardly find Austin all day....

Michael finally getting down.
{Doesn't he look good all snazzed up and in a tux???}

Aidan, Emma, and Cael

Daddy practicing for Hannah's Daddy/Daughter dance.

Aidan and Emma

They make great partners...
{Check out the form on that twirl!!}

And finally, our family picture...
it turned out pretty good considering the wind and the sheer number of us!

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I'm Featured!

Multiples....and More featured our family and blog! How exciting! Head on over to check out the interview! Click here to read it: Calonder Crew.

Monday, June 22, 2009

97 Degrees = Pool Day!

{aidan enjoying the water spouts}

{aidan, noah, and nathanial having fun}

{aidan and noah}

{aidan lounging}

{ethan lovin' it}


{ethan running - shocking, i know}

{hannah loves it}

{nathanial needs to catch some rays}

{dragging his towel into the pool}

{a little sleepy from a short nap - thanks noah!}

{standing in the pool, with a towel on, in 97+ degree weather. hmmm....}

{noah noah}

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy Father's Day!!

As long as I was writting this, I also decided to answer this question for Multiples....and More.

On this Father's Day, I would love to go on and on about my husband. He is the greatest father to our children and the best husband...I know that God prepared him especially for me and our family. My children are incredibly blessed to have a father as patient, loving, caring, giving, and willing to discipline as Steve. I thought instead of going on and on, I would let a few (hmmm...) photos do the talking for me instead.

Steve loves to play with and do things the boys...

Our brood can be quite an armful, but Daddy's arms are made especially for them...

Sometimes, Daddy gets cake, but even on very special days, he shares the day with his children...
Even when it is blisteringly cold, Daddy will go and chop down a tree, because he knows how important that tradition is to Mom and everyone else...

Our Daddy loves to be silly....

He is a great place to lay on when your sleepy or just want to relax...

But, most important of all, our Daddy knows and has a personal relationship with his Savior, and that makes for an amazing husband and father. He is not afraid to show his faith or to share it with others. Everyday, he is an example to us of what that relationship looks like and how it trickles down to everything else he does.

We love you more than we can ever say. Mom is sorry for all the times she is snappy and doesn't apologize. We are so thankful for all that you do for our family and the many sacrifices you make daily so we don't have to.
We love you!!
Happy Father's Day, Steve!!!!