Tuesday, April 29, 2008

So Funny

Last night, after supper, Ethan and Noah started playing hide and seek. I had no idea they would play this way together this early. They often do things together, but not like this. This was adorable. Noah was hiding in the kitchen, and then he would come crawling fast out and see Ethan and they would both break down and giggle. Then, Ethan would hide behind the drapes in the dining room, he'd go running into the kitchen, and they'd break down and giggle. They did it for about ten minutes and were out of breath by the time they were done. It was hilarious! By the time I got around to taping them, though, they were finished (Nathanial was wanting some snuggle time).

I had no idea they would have fun with a game like that at this age. Ethan and Noah play together way more than any other combination and it's just funny to watch them. All three will play together also or someone will play with Nathanial, but much of the time it is Ethan and Noah. I was so worried at first that it would be Nathanial and Ethan and, Noah would be left out, but that's not what's happening. Nathanial seems to like to be alone more than the other two and perfectly content playing by himself or snuggling with me. It's amazing how they are growing....and growing up way too fast!

Friday, April 25, 2008


Last night, we had severe thunderstorms with flash flood warnings. We woke up this morning to lakes everywhere in town. Steve was unable to get out of town (due to closed roads) until 7:30, when he went way out of his way just to get to work. Most of this is sheer rain water. We do have a small creek running through downtown, where the damage is the worst. It is technically, I believe, a "river," but growing up on the mighty Mississippi, it is a creek to me. Our basement has a french drain and the water is staying inside that, but you can hear it rushing when you open the door. Thankfully, we had a wet basement the first year we lived here, so we learned early to never leave anything on the floor. Everything is on shelves down there, so we have no damage. Just two houses down, our neighbor across the street is flushing his basement out and the other neighbor has a lake across his lawn and driveway. Aidan came running in to tell me about it this morning, so then we went out for a ride and here are our pictures. School was canceled because most highways running into Sumner and Fredericksburg are flooded and therefor, closed. However, Austin still went on his fieldtrip to the Minnesota Zoo today. So he is gone. Please pray for his safe return this evening. Also please pray for the devastation brought onto some of these families. They will be facing huge financial set backs, I am sure. Cars were in garages, which are now under, so you can imagine. Please just remember these residents in your prayers.
This is part of our utility company, partially under water. Behind it is our baseball fields, completely flooded. Behind it a little ways is the creek, so this is rainwater and overflow.
This is a house to the right of the utility company, above. Next to and behind this house is the city parking lot and a park.
This is the same street, from a different angle.

This is our city park. As you can see, the speed limit sign is all but completely under water and the pavilions and equipment are almost all under, also. Running a ways behind the park is also the creek.
This is one of the houses. This is the street in front of a few houses. Another house:

This is all rainwater. This is our neighbor's yard and driveway.
This is where the creek is rushing over the road.
And, lastly, we did garner some attention from the news station. Guess I'll be watching tonight!

Thursday, April 24, 2008

OB Appointment

Today I had another OB appointment. Everything went well. My blood pressure is starting to climb, so that's not so good. However, I was rushing all morning long, running at least 20 minutes late, so rushed even more. I almost ran to his office, hoping to sit for a few minutes. No such luck. Today, of all days, he was running exactly on time and I didn't even get to sit and calm myself at all. So I think that may have contributed to the slightly higher reading. Stress.

The baby's heartrate was 156, still strong! And boy did s/he not like it! Exactly like Aidan, as soon as he put the doppler down, the baby rolled...and I felt it. That's the first roll I've felt. Pretty awesome! Then s/he kicked and kicked at it, so we got a lot of noise today. Finally found the heartbeat. It is always such a relief and so reassuring to hear that.

My loving OB pointed out that he just realized I will have six kids. I thanked him for reminding me, as if that little fact has failed me recently! He asked how many more we were going for and I reminded him we discussed the tubal at my first visit. He remembered, but said once again he'll wait until I'm in the OR to really believe me.

He also asked if I was feeling any movement yet and I said I thought I was. He said since it is the fourth pregnancy, he doesn't doubt at all that is really what I am feeling. He said you know what to look for after that many times and I probably really am.

He feels my lack of energy and still quesiness might be due to some dehydration and wants me to drink more. I hope that's all it is. This pregnancy has been rough, as far as exhaustion and icky-ness go. He said he highly doubts I'll ever truly get the second trimester burst of energy though. His nurse asked if I had any energy before I was pregnant. Good point.

Next month we found out if this baby is a he or a she!!! I'm so excited!!!!

Monday, April 21, 2008

A Day at the Park

Nathanial having fun on the swing, hair blowing in the wind:After he was finished on the swing, Nathanial had fun exploring.
Check out this sand!
Ohhh...a lion!

Noah loves the swing!

Ethan waiting his turn on the swings.

Aidan playing in the sand, his favorite spot.

Austin (left) and Mason playing on the tractor.
Ethan getting his turn on the swing.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Our Day in the Yard

Aidan in his "get up" (pajama bottoms pushed up, shirt pulled over his head and wrapped around his shoulders) with his shoe airplane:
Ethan enjoying picking grass and putting it on his lap:

Noah and Ethan picking grass together and sharing piles:
Nathanial is tuckered out and cuddling with Mommy:
Noah is adoring Daddy pulling weeds:

Ethan on Aidan's bike:
Ethan and Nathanial wrestling over a box (this is not as sweet as it looks):
Noah riding the motorcycle:

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Pickle

Ethan inspects his dill pickle:
Ohhh, this is nasty!
REALLY nasty!!!
Noah says there is NO WAY you are getting me to eat that!
Nathanial inspects his, rolls it around, sees how it holds up:
Picks it up, looks a little closer. Huh...
Ohhhh, this is gross!!

Monday, April 14, 2008

Beautiful Weather!!

After a VERY long winter (I know...I live in Iowa, I should be used to it!), it is finally getting to feel like spring. The kids and I have been spending a lot of time taking walks, going to the library, park, and just enjoying being outside after being couped up for so many months! Today, the triplets and I stayed on the deck and played, while Austin and Aidan played Ladder Golf.

Austin and Aidan:
Nathanial riding his Sesame Street mobile, backwards:

Noah and Ethan wishing they could be playing Ladder Golf:Nathanial wishing he was playing Ladder Golf with the big boys:

Wiggle, Wiggle!!!

I'm feeling movement!!! I am so excited! I have been thinking for the last few weeks that I was feeling something, but you know, not very sure. After five babies, I knew what I was feeling, but I kept doubting it because everyone says you can't feel a baby that early.

Today it is unmistakable. I (accidentally) made myself "regular" fully-loaded iced tea. I finished it about fifteen minutes ago and there is a party going on. I have felt about six kicks! They are still the little tiny ones, but they are getting stronger and definitely the baby. It's amazing. I love this part! To be reassured by the bean that everything is going well and he/she is doing good.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wonderful Night!

Steve and I went out for a date tonight and we had a great time. I picked up our sitter right after school, hurried to get ready and then went to meet Steve at work. (He lives halfway between our house and W'loo, where we were going.)

First, we went out to dinner. Something we NEVER do alone anymore. Or, for that matter, rarely as a family at a sit-down restaurant. Have you tried eating at a sit down restaurant with three toddlers recently?? Exactly. So we went to Carlos O'Kelley's. I wasn't sure if my stomach was up to it or not, but it turned out wonderful...with the help of several Tums.

Then, we went to a concert we had been looking forward to for months. We bought the tickets back in January for Kutless, one of our favorite groups. We even "splurged" and got Gold Circle tickets, which are the first 10 rows. It's still general admission seating, but you are guaranteed to get a little closer and center seating. We got there early enough that we got in the third row! Yay! We would have gotten closer, but they were having some confusion about the internet sales, so we ended up switching lines a few times prior to getting it figured out. That was fine by us, but some people got ticked. I guess that I am always surprised by people's behavior when you are attending a Christian event. But, we all know, we are still human. Just cut others a little slack, OK?

They had two new people open for them. Chris Taylor, who was just awesome. He truly was acoustic, just him and his guitar. The next was a new group called Esterlyn. They were awesome as well. I would probably explain them as a little closer to punk rock, but they classify themselves as indie rock. Either way, they were really good. I will definitely be buying both Chris Taylor's and Esterlyn's new CDs.

Then Kutless came out. Mind you, this is their "acoustic" tour, so I was expecting a few acoustic guitars and that's about it. Not so. It was very close to a "normal" concert. I didn't see much "acoustic" about it, but LOVED every second of it. They were definitely plugged in. However, they do say on their website that it is a "more intimate" concert (and it was) and apparently the drummer uses a different type of drumstick. They spent a lot of time discussing things with the audience. Which is fairly common in at least the Christian concerts Steve and I have gone to. None of them (this is our first acoustic concert) have just come out, played a set, and then been done. There is a lot more interaction, which I love. It seems you get to "know" the personality of the band and it's members a little more. But from what the members of Kutless said, I'm not sure they do a lot of "talking" in their regular, plugged in, concerts.

I did get some videos, but we were in the third row and right in front of a small speaker, which means that they didn't turn out too fantastic. However, I am still going to post them on the dropshots site (www.dropshots.com/5boysmom). I will post our pictures from the night here.

I love getting out with my husband for one on one time and this was awesome. The last concert we went to was Go Fish, with the boys, and while I loved that, it is fun to do this with just us. The last concert we went to alone was Third Day and that was when I was pregnant with Aidan. That night, because we only had one child and it wasn't a school night, we even stayed in a hotel and drove quite a while to get there. (It was in Madison.) For a sampling of Kutless' music, you are listening to it on my playlist at the bottom of the page. It was actually even better in person...

Some pictures turned out better than others (finally, towards the end I realized if I turned OFF my flash, the pictures would be better...duh!), but here they are:
Chris Taylor:


Jon Micah Sumrall (lead singer - Kutless) discussing World Vision prior to set:

Jon Micah singing:James Mead (guitar front) and Dave "Lucky" Luetkenhoelter (guitar back):Kutless (Jon Micah Sumrall, Nick Departee (guitar stage right), Jeff Gilbert (drums), James Mead, Dave "Lucky" Luetkenhoelter:

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

In Awe

Life with triplets has become such a "normal" thing for us, that sometimes I just stop and look at them all and am in absolute awe of everything and the turn our lives took almost two years ago. It is still amazing to me that my body carried them pretty much to term, they had no hospital stay, and are so healthy and happy today. Watching three "toddlers," as I guess they now are, grow is awesome. They interact with each other so well and usually play well together. They are so much their own little individuals. When I look at them and it hits me "They're triplets, and not everyone has triplets," is about the only time that I really think of the fact that they are triplets. I am in awe that God has given Steve and I this opportunity and felt that we were worthy and up to the task of raising these three special boys...and ultimately all five of them. Plus one more to come! Amazing...

The other thing that still leaves me in a state of awe several times daily is watching them walk. Ethan and Nathanial have been walking for a while now, but that doesn't mean I'm used to it. They are so cute to watch them toddling through the house....and lately running! I love watching them trying to catch themselves when they start to fall. Ethan has figured out how to walk backwards (it came from trying to catch himself from falling) and will now walk backwards several steps until he backs himself up to you, then lowers himself onto your lap. Noah is still content to crawl everywhere, and I'll give it to him, he is fast. Steve has been trying to get him to walk and he gets so mad at Daddy for making him! Yesterday, he walked from the mudroom to the living room just holding my one hand. I know he can do it and he will do it on his terms. It is amazing to watch how much they have learned in such a short amount of time!

Life with triplets, and five boys, is a humbling experience. I feel so incredibly blessed that I have been given each of these children to care for for the next 18-20 years and to love forever. They have blessed my life more than I could have ever imagined in my wildest dreams. I pray that I can raise them all to reach their full potential and to have a love for their Savior.