Saturday, November 22, 2008

Noah's First Haircut

Noah finally got his first haircut! He wasn't very cooperative about before and after pictures, so they aren't the greatest. His hair was getting so long, but it was so blond that it's hard to tell in picutres. He looks great!

Friday, November 21, 2008

Hannah Grace - Two Months

I cannot believe Miss Hannah is already two months old! She is smiling, cooing, talking loudly when she wants...she is so much fun and such a happy baby. I already cannot imagine our lives before her and am so thankful for the blessing she is in our family.

As I said below, she is 9 pounds, 7 ounces and 22 1/2" long at two months old. She is still very petite. We are looking forward to her dedication next week!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So Sweet...

Aidan laying next to Hannah, while Hannah sleeps.

We May Be Sick, but....

I'll keep a look out.. Oh, hi Mommy! I wasn't doing anything, I promise. It was all his idea... Am I cute enough for you??Quick...drop everything while I distract her with my good looks!

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Busy Week and Doctor's Appointments

We've had an incredibly busy week of sick, sick boys. They've had colds for the last few weeks, but nothing too major. Then, on Sunday evening, Noah started producing green gunk out of his eyes. Nathanial and Ethan were a little ornery, but nothing major. All three of them were in bed by 6:30.

Aidan started screaming of ear pain around 5 on Sunday also. We tried the drops we had left over...that didn't help. Tried Tylenol. Nothing. Tried more drops. Still nothing. After four rounds of drops, waiting one and a half hours for the Tylenol to start working, and him howling in pain, I finally took him to the ER. He had a really bad ear infection in his left ear...the ear the tube fell out of.

Monday, Ethan woke up with the green gunk in his eyes. Great, just great. I knew what was coming.

Tuesday, I woke up with very itchy eyes, but I think it's just sympathy pains. Nathanial woke up a little later and he had the green ickies. By now, they also all have nasty noses to go along with everything else. So I called and canceled the flu shots they had scheduled for today.

Today we woke up and Ethan's ears had crusties on them - which only meant one thing...they were draining ickies. Means the tubes are working, but also means he has an infection. So I called the doctor again and asked if he should be seen. I was told to bring him along with Hannah, Austin, and I when we came in.

Poor Ethan has a double ear infection, eye infection, and something in his lungs. So the poor little fella is now on ear drops, eye drops, and an antibiotic. Thankfully, I know that Dr. B is as against antibiotics as I am, so I am comfortable knowing he does in fact need them. The eye drops everyone gets to use and I was given instructions to bring them all in if they weren't any better, soon.

Hannah had her two month appointment. She did very well. She weighed in at 9 lbs, 7 oz (8th percentile) and was 22 1/2 inches (25th percentile) long with a head circumference of 15 1/4" (30th percentile). She's following her curve and growing well, so no problems there. I got the calcium lecture. I have been trying to take it, honestly I have, but it gets difficult to remember. I guess now I'll just take it with every meal. In the long run, nursing should actually help my bone density, but in the short term it does a number on my bones. I made the mistake of having a bone density test done while Aidan was nursing. I'll just be safe and take the calcium supplements this time.

Hannah is also doing great developmentally with no problems whatsoever. Ethan was enthralled with her shots. Poor little guy doesn't know his turn is next.

Speaking of little miss, the calm has worn off, the storm has now set in and I must go search for the Tylenol...

Things That Make You Go Hmmmm....

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Poor Noah

All he wanted was a little raw instant rice...

Friday, November 14, 2008

Report Cards and Videos

Aidan got his report card and it was great! He has grown so much in one year. Last year, we were concerned because he was so shy, wouldn't interact with others, and was just socially having a really hard time.

This year, he is making lots of friends, he's on task, he's involved all the time and shares with others, he is able to complete all tasks, he's just doing great. I am so thankful we decided not to send him to kindergarten. Socially, he really wasn't ready. This is giving him that extra boost he needed.

It's such a relief to know he's doing less thing to worry about in the course of a day!

Aidan learned a "Fat Turkey" song and it is hilarious, but for some reason, blogger is not uploading videos. I've reported it and it says they are "aware" of the problem. Until they fix it, you can see his "Fat Turkey" and another video here. It's hilarious!

While you're at it, here's a video of Nathanial dancing - they love Go Fish. While Nathanial was dancing, Ethan was up to no good coloring in a book. I probably should have taken it away, but instead I videotaped it! Noah was holding and kissing Hannah, while watching and doing a little jig to the Go Fish Guys.

Hopefully, Blogger will figure out their videos soon, so I can get them on here!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New Updates

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There are a couple new posts under this one...

What happened to her hair???

Yesterday, I left the boys to play for a little bit while I got lunch ready. They were being very good, so I figured everything was all right. I set Hannah in her car seat in the living room and left her there.

The boys love to paint and color right now, so we've been doing quite a bit of it. I have had a craft cabinet in the front closet for many years and we keep it stocked with art supplies and odds and ends. I don't even know what all is in it, honestly. Apparently, they have been paying closer attention to where I get the crayons than they let on.

When I was halfway through making lunch, Nathanial came into me with his hands full of what looked like super glue. I would have thought it was super glue, except he handed me a bottle of Super Fabric Textile Adhesive - Platinum Bond. Might as well have been super glue. I completely forgot we even owned was left over from Austin's scouting days. I don't sew and if you've ever had a Cub and/or Boy Scout, you know there is a lot of sewing involved with all the patches. The first year, I let my mom do it. After that, I discovered this stuff and loved it. A little goes a long way, too. We had a huge tube of it.

We were running late, so I tried to wash Nathanial's hands, to no avail. I figured it would eventually wear off. (I was correct by the way...with enough washing and time, it does go away.) The boys all sat down to eat thier lunch and the school rush started. We ran around getting everyone in shoes, coats, hats, getting Aidan's bookbag, Aidan finding his sharing time item; the usual school things. Then Hannah got buckled in her carseat and the car rush started - everyone in car seats, getting buckled, making sure they have a toy if they brought one. All this for a three minute ride.

We got home, and as per our ritual, the boys headed directly up the stairs to bed as soon as coats, hats, and shoes were removed. Hannah was still sleeping peacefully in her car seat, so I ate lunch at an unhurried pace for a change. Then Hannah got up. That's when I saw it....her hair was sticking straight up on end. With clear, super glue looking stuff in it. I about screamed. I was horrified that my baby who actually has some hair may now lose it all. Because Nathanial didn't keep his hands to himself. Which was odd, because he usually doesn't really care about her if she isn't on me.

I really thought I was going to have to cut it, but I was determined not to. I shot up a quick prayer, and prayed the entire time I washed her hair. After a whole lot of baby shampoo, and rubbing, it actually came out. Whew! I was not happy with the thought that it might not. Nathanial was saved.

Then I got them up from their naps and noticed Noah's hair was similarly styled...and his face had an odd, shiny look to it. That is when I knew it was not Nathanial at all who had "loved" Hannah's hair with glue, but Noah.

Monday, November 10, 2008

Silent No More

I have remained silent on some very key issues and now I am just sick of being silent. I probably should have written this prior to the elections, but then it becomes "political," instead of being my thoughts and feelings on various subjects.

I am deeply saddened by the election results turned out last Tuesday. It isn't because of "who" was elected, but rather "what" was elected. When we go to the polls, we are using a very strong voice on where we stand on certain issues. That is what makes America great. When people choose not to exercise that voice, it is saddening. Unfortunately, some people did not vote because they felt they didn't like "either" candidate or that they were voting for "the lesser of two evils" or any number of excuses. Did you know there were not just two candidates...there were seven. Seven! Is there really an excuse when there are that many people to choose from?? I don't think so. Research people and find one you like - and vote. When you don't vote, then you aren't being heard. If everyone who didn't vote because they didn't like either Obama or McCain, then why didn't they choose someone else? If they had, it may not be Obama nor McCain in could be someone from the other parties.

Who are these people, you may ask? Ralph Nader (Independent), as always. I swear he will run as long as he has breath...and everyone has heard of Ralph Nader. The rest were Cynthia McKinney (Green), a black woman (best of both worlds, some would say); Chuck Baldwin (Constitution); Bob Barr (Libertarian); and Brain Moore (Socialist).

The economy is upsetting to me. People blame the Republicans, blame Bush, blame the banks, blame "predatory lenders," everyone but themselves. [By the way, just as a sidenote, sub-prime mortgages started with Bill Clinton pushing them, NOT Bush...he just kept up the trend, which wasn't right either.] Where is personal responsibility?? When is it your turn to look at yourself and your own irresponsible spending? Seriously, this just makes me irate. Why is it the government or the banks or anyone else's responsibility to tell you what you can or cannot afford?? Home ownership is the "American Dream" because it is a privilege, not a right. And saving for and buying what you can afford, and not going outside your means, is your responsibility. Of course banks are going to try to give you loans you can't really afford. They make more in interest. They are a business, people, not your best friend.
Credit is another thing that could be good, but isn't. If you can't afford to buy something or pay for it right now, then very simply, you can't afford it. If you have to charge something to buy it, then don't buy it. I know people argue with "then I won't eat." Well, then either eat cheaper or get another job. Or look at your other bills and places where you can cut down on your expenses. Living on a budget is not a terrible thing. It's being fiscally responsible. Of course, if you can afford to buy a home (again, not everyone can), then obviously I'm not saying buy that outright, but be responsible.
National healthcare...are you kidding me?? We have Medicaid for people who can't afford healthcare. We have higher-income options in most states (in Iowa, it's Hawk-I) for people who don't qualify for Medicaid, yet can't afford it on their own. What more do people want?? Another handout. Again, it's about responsibility. We pay $556 and change a month for a group policy for our family. We do not have dental, we do not have vision. We take out another $220 per month in cafeteria funds. That totals our monthly insurance costs to over $776. Plus co-pays ($25/visit/person = $125 - $150 out of our pocket just to walk into the doctor's door when we take 5-6 kids who are sick at once), plus deductibles. It does not cover therapies that are proven to work with autistic kids, because they are "alternative" (I'm talking OT, PT, nothing radical and unproven.). Imagine what I could have in almost $800 a month (if noone goes to the doctor - which never happens)! No wonder people don't want to pay their own.
I am also appalled by the abortion rights that were gained last Tuesday. Abortion saddens me to a point that I feel physically ill and like crying when I read about it and/or the candidates stand on abortion. We now have a president-elect who believes so fully in the abortion movement that he supports abortions at all stages of pregnancy - for any reason. He supports embryonic stem cell research. Is he even aware that research has proven over and over again that adult stem cells work so much better than embryonic ones? Embryonic stem cells grow too fast and can lead to cancer. They are not even a good choice - yet many people do not look into it and just trust celebrities to tell them what's best for the entire country. He voted repeatedly against the Born Alive bill. That bill would require medical attention to aborted babies born alive. Yes, this really happens. And Obama supports ignoring them and letting them die. I believe abortion is murder. But to take it one step further and allow a baby who is "accidentally" born alive to die because the mother was trying to abort it...I don't see how anyone can agree with that? At what point is life life? Clearly, not even at birth is life life anymore. Not by his standards.
The whole allowing abortion for the "mother's health" needs to be understood by people, also. Everyone thinks this is a great law. To understand it, you need to understand just exactly how liberally doctor's use "mother's health." When we started the infertility process with Aidan, we were counselled on what we would do if we had a multiple gestation. We said we would never even consider "selective reduction" (aka - abortion), so they informed us they would not trigger with more than 2-3 follicles because they did not want me to carry more than three babies.
When we went back for the triplets, we were never talked to about it. I'm not sure if it was because we were repeat customers or what, but the discussion was never had. The infertility clinic we attended was located at a large teaching hospital, so you always waited forever to see a doctor or resident. Not, apparently, when you are carrying three babies. Immediately upon seeing the ultrasound results, we were whisked into an exam room with the head of the department, three residents, and several nurses. All of them told us how gravely dangerous of a situation we had and that we had to "reduce" the pregnancy to one. If we wouldn't do that, then they would "allow" two. They wanted us to kill Ethan and Nathanial because they are identical and at that point, no dividing membrane was seen. Otherwise, we would kill Noah. By the way, if we didn't have such clear-cut options, they try to find the weakest baby(ies) and if they can't, well, then it's just purely random. Oh, and you must wait until 12 weeks to do it. This was all for "my health." I am only 5'2, a triplet pregnancy is extremely high risk, you never would make it beyond 28 weeks, triplets don't do well after birth no matter what, millions in NICU bills, the list went on and on and on. They never talked to us about it prior to the pregnancy this time!! And when they had three years before, we clearly said No Way! It was in our records. I would LOVE, love, love to take my 35 week, 4 day, no NICU, 2 day NICU, 3 day NICU, all released to home on day 5 triplets to see the doctor(s) who recommended this to us. My point in all this is that it is possible to have healthy babies. And, yes, there are some terrible outcomes in multiples pregnancy. There are also terrible outcomes in singleton pregnancies. There are also wonderful outcomes. And of all the outcomes, if you asked the mothers and families if knowing the outcome would they have reduced, I'm betting all of them would tell you no. Because these are our children you are talking about. An unborn baby is a child. Ask yourself at what point is a person worthy of life? I truly cannot imagine how you could not say from the second of conception. Given the chance, they become people. [By the way, we are at a point in history where they even reduce twin pregnancies - all in the name of the health of the mother.]
They also abort babies who are not perfect. If a baby shows a defect (even Down Syndrome), parents are allowed to kill that baby. Where does this end? If we say they are worthless in utero, then we are saying they are useless outside the mother. So, then, do we arbitrarily kill them later on, when they become "a burden." And what, exactly, is a defect? Blindness? Deafness? Low IQ? Left-handedness? Brown eyes? What?? Austin has autism. If they could detect that in utero, would you be allowed to kill that baby? Most definitely. I cannot imagine life without the people I know who have disabilities.
If you have read my rant this far, thanks. You may wonder why I chose to put it on here - a family blog. All of these issues are family related and will affect my family and my children for a long time. No matter how I voted, I will pray for our leaders and clarity in their decisions. No matter how you voted (and clearly, the majority voted for Obama and for these things), please respect these as my opinions and my feelings and my thoughts.

Friday, November 7, 2008


This morning, we woke up to a blanket of snow everywhere. It melted, but now it is back to sticking.
This is what happens when it goes from 78 degrees to 32 in three days:
Because of the cold, we now have to take even longer to get to school, but Aidan's ready!
So is Nathanial:
And Ethan
AND Noah
And, FINALLY, so is Hannah!'s going to be a l-o-n-g winter...

Thursday, November 6, 2008

Noah Loves Hannah

Noah was holding Hannah and Aidan wanted to take her away. Noah says "no" to everything lately, but he added "don't" this time!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

And Now....

A Message from Hannah Grace (formerly known as Palin Joan - do you get it now??):

I would like to take this opportunity to remind you to VOTE NOW!! Every vote counts - don't waste yours!


Seriously, no matter what your vote - please remember to vote today (but if it's for the O-man, then just stay home - I'm kidding...or am I?!).

This message paid for by Mommy and approved by Hannah Grace Calonder.

OK, so I thought I would have some fun today - lighten things up a bit. But seriously, do you see how happy the whole political process makes her? Her first smile caught on camera - all for John McCain/Sarah Palin and voting! Brings a tear to her mama's eye, that's for sure! Start 'em young, that's what I say. We did already vote this morning and the boys loved it. They each got stickers, which the triplets tried to eat, and lots of attention. Make sure to make time in your day to vote!