Monday, January 31, 2011

{As a side note: I have been informed by some that they are having a lot of difficulties viewing our blog in Internet Explorer. I have followed all suggestions by Blogger and tried to make it better; but when I check it in IE, it is still looking weird. I use Firefox and I find that that has no issues. If you are having issues and wish to continue using explorer, you can view just the current post and won't have issues then. Sorry for the difficulties - I'll keep working on it!}

Well, I'm a little frustrated with myself. It appears that I am having difficulties keeping up with the blog, but I need and desire to continue because this is our "life" journal. I'm not any good at keeping a journal, so this has to be it. I have thought of printing out posts for our children as they get older. Just for me, it is also fun and insightful to sometimes read back to something and remember the feelings that post may invoke. After six children, my memory just isn't the greatest anymore! So I will keep plugging away and I will keep posting, they just may seem far in between. Please understand that I do not intend for intentions are, and always have been, to keep this up to date and current. Sometimes it doesn't happen that way!

Later this week, look for a post on the triplets fourth birthday! Eek! How in the world are they four already?!? We have been blessed in so many ways with them and I am so thankful!

In the meantime, here is a picture of all six at happens to be one of my favorite pictures of them of all time! Such little personalities and they really shine through here!