Thursday, November 16, 2006

DON'T Measure Your Fundal Height!!!

So yesterday someone on my multiples list was talking about uterus measurements. I have been very curious about this because for some reason, Dr. Hintz doesn't do it. I think because he does an ultrasound at every visit, he can see clearly that the babies are OK, so he skips that. At any rate, I still want to know what I am measuring. So, they explained how to do it (which is simple) and I did it. I was HORRIFIED!! I never should have done it! I got 43 weeks and I couldn't possibly believe that I had done it right, so I made Steve do it when he got home. He got 42 weeks by pulling the tape a little snugger and trying to be "nice." WHAT!?!?! I knew that I have been miserable and FEEL huge, but I had NO IDEA I would measure that big. By the way, I am *only* 24 weeks pregnant! Maybe there is a good reason behind Dr. Hintz not doing it after all...We have our next appointment (and ultrasound) on Wednesday. I am looking forward to seeing the babies again. I always start to get a little nervous about a week or so before appointments and it is so reassuring to see them moving around and growing. Because I really don't feel like I look like I am growing. Although people are starting to look at me funny when they ask when I am due and I tell them March 6. Then I usually explain why I am a smidge larger than some! And other than hiccups, the babies are not moving nearly as much as they were even a week ago. Just thought I'd update with my fascinating measurments. I'll update again next week after our appointment!

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