Monday, July 16, 2007

Boy Scout Camp

Austin went to Boy Scout Camp last week for the entire week. He loved it and had a lot of fun! He got to participate in swimming, first aid, and Trail to Eagle, which is learning about basics for Boy Scouts and “tying knots” (according to Austin). We went for Parent’s Night on Wednesday night and had a very eventful dinner with him. While waiting to get into the dining hall, we noticed three (!!!) dead bats by the door. I HATE bats! Then, they served “Chicken on the Bone” (which if you know me, is just DISGUSTING, in my so humble opinion). I did TRY to eat a piece, but it quickly got the best of me and I handed it over to Steve…I just couldn’t do it. Then, halfway through dinner, a bat started flying around, right near our table. Ugh! I don’t know how he survived all week, but I wouldn’t have been able to! Then Austin took me to his campsite. He thought it would be a great idea to go across a swinging bridge (I also hate bridges and have an extreme fear of heights) and take the long way to his site. That took us a while. Then I noticed that a lot of people were meeting us when we were almost to camp, who left after us. Austin said they took the big hill and I probably wouldn’t want to do that. I told him I’d try on the way back. Needless to say, that took mere minutes compared to the other way. Now I know which way to go next year! But I did get a nice tour of the campgrounds, so it wasn’t all bad.Friday Steve heard someone’s pager at work (a volunteer firefighter/EMT) go off saying “the grass fire at Camp Ingawanis is under control.” So Steve thought it would be a good idea to tell me about this. My first concern was “is Austin OK??” Then, our next concern (and Steve’s first) was “did Austin start it??” He got home late Friday night (11:30) and didn’t even mention it! We had to ask him about it and he said someone’s rocket had started on fire while in air and started a fire in a nearby field. No big deal to him!The babies are still doing fantastic! Nathanial is REALLY trying to crawl…it’s making me VERY nervous! He can get almost anywhere he wants to be by pushing off of his feet and legs. I am sooo not ready for this! Ethan now has both his bottom teeth in and Nathanial woke up the other morning with TWO new teeth, both bottom, both appearing at the same time! He really did well with it. Poor Noah has been teething the longest and still has no teeth to show for it! Poor little fella! We also moved the babies into their own cribs last week. I expected Nathanial to have the hardest time out of all of them. I was wrong. Ethan has had the hardest time adjusting. He cries a little every time he goes down, but I have discovered that if I remember to turn his light and music on, he does OK. They all snuggle up to the side rails to comfort themselves, I think. It has gone better than I expected though!I took their “five” month pictures (just a little late!) and added them to, if you want to check them out! They didn't turn out terrific, but it is what it is! They are getting way too antsy to get good shots anymore! I added other pictures, also, of lots of different things!That’s it for now! They go for their SIX month visit August 6 (I think!). I cannot believe they are that old! Austin has fair and shows his rabbits August 3. He gets his photography and Consumer Savvy judged on July 31. So I will update for that, also.

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