Saturday, May 17, 2008

A Brother's Love

It isn't often that we are able to capture moment between Austin and the triplets. He likes to mostly be alone and when he does spend time with a brother, it is usually Aidan. We went to the park and Ethan started following Austin around. He would chase after him. Austin noticed and started playing with Ethan. I think Austin was really touched that Ethan looked up to him as much as he did.

Ready to go on the slide?
I'll get you up there...
Here...need a little help over that bump?
Bottom of the slide (contrary to the face, Ethan was giggling and loved it!).
On the the bouncy thingy...

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Anonymous said...

This is terrific!! What a great day you must have all had - I enjoyed all the pics from the blogspot - went there first tonight!