Friday, November 13, 2009

Hannah's Gaining!!

Hannah had her follow up today in Iowa City with Dr. V and Dr. A. It went AWESOME!!! I have been feeling very defeated and frustrated because it appeared her weight gain was very slow. She has been gaining three ounces a week every week since she was discharged and then she gained eight last week. She gained four ounces this week, according to their scale (it's difficult to say if this is accurate because it is best that she is weighed on the same scale every time at the same time of day in the same place, etc., etc.). So I told the nurse my frustrations. I felt that it should be more, as she is still eating table food, drinking calorie enhanced milk, nursing, and being tube fed. Dr. V came in and was thrilled with her gain. She charted it out for me (below) and said it was an awesome gain overall! Yay!! Five grams per day is maintenance and ten grams per day is weight gain. She was hoping/expecting Hannah G to gain ten grams per day....Hannah is really gaining eighteen grams per day on average!!! WooHoo!!! It made me feel so much better to see it all plotted out. Plus, not only is she gaining, but I'll explain the charts below which were all very encouraging.

Because she has gained weight, we are also going to increase her Pediasure feedings overnight. Now she will be getting 12 ounces over a ten hour period, which will continue to push her weight up, which in turn pushes her length up. Ultimately, she needs her length to be between 30-50th percentile and then her weight to match that somewhere on the chart. Baby steps - and we are getting there quicker than I prayed for!!

Miss Hannah G today - at almost fourteen months {in a few days!}.

The chart above is what Hannah had been doing. As you can see, she dropped drastically, then leveled out. And you are seeing correctly, at 12 months, she was below the number "12." Then, today, at almost 14 months, there was a huge uptake again!!

Above is Hannah's head circumference...from hospitalization on October 9 to today, November 13 (see the increase???).

This is Hannah's length - again, hospitalization to today...another increase!

One of the more exciting ones....Hannah's weight. See how much closer she's getting to the bottom of the chart?!?!?!!! We're almost at 3rd percentile!!! The first "X" is her birth weight percentile for comparison...that's the percentile mark we're shooting for to get her off the tube.

The best one by far....her weight to length comparison. She is now on the chart!! Which means that, proportionately, she is doing super!!! Finally they are matching up somewhere on a chart!!!!


Anonymous said...

Hi to all, this is great news. Hope she keeps coming along the way she is now. Such a beautiful little girl. We will keep praying for our little grand daughter. All our love to all Grandpa Rick & Grandma Pam

Family Blog said...

I am so happy she is gaining! We struggle with weight gain (not as severe) with our girls. She is in our prayers and we hope she continues to climb those charts!

Your Twin Family

Ladonna said...

I LOVE IT! Congrats, Trista; God is awesome!

Rita Lawrence Photography said...

I just came across your blog and think your family is just beautiful! Yaay for Hannah and her gain =) Blessings to you!