Tuesday, August 22, 2006

First OB Visit

Today’s ultrasound and doctor’s appointment went terrific! The babies are all doing excellent and he was very reassuring about everything, also. (This will probably take a while to explain everything, so I thought I’d put that in there first….if you don’t want to read further, you don’t have to!)He did his regular history, but since I’ve had him for the last four years and I’ve seen him several times a month for the last year (except the last three!), he just wanted to update everything. That was pretty painless and didn’t take him long. Then he did a quick exam, thankfully no pap!!! Then it was time for the ultrasound. The babies were really active…it was so neat to see! They all have allof their little baby parts. We saw hands, feet, toes, fingers EVERYWHERE!!! Baby A or B was waving away to us and Dr. Hintz waved back and said “hi baby!” and the baby waved again! It was so cute to see and was so funny! We very clearly saw baby B’s foot, too. Their little hearts were a beating away, too. It was so reassuring to see everyone in there and it is nothing short of a miracle to witness God’s creation(s) like that. We discussed pre-term delivery and he said I have a few really good things going in my favor. I have had two full-term, healthy babies and my cervix is extra long. Both are excellent indicators that I shouldn’t go too super early with these three, but again, nothing is guaranteed with triplets. He said that the average gestation of triplets is 33 weeks, but 35-36 is certainly not unheard of, and neither is earlier. So, we’re still on a guessing game with when they will get here, but it certainly doesn’t sound like nearly as early as we feared!He also thinks that I will have “minimal” bedrest….not at all what the doctors in Iowa City had said. He said that the benefits of it aren’t that great, so he doesn’t anticipate too much time in bed. Thank goodness!!!He said the two identicals DO have a membrane between them and showed us that. There is another one between the identical babies and the “fraternal,” “singleton,” or “The Boss” (as Granny calls him!) and that one is much thicker. It was fascinating to see the difference. They are all measuring exactly the same size and correct for dates, also. He also said that even though they have a membrane (which completely demolishes the chance of cord compression or strangulation), because they are identical, the instance of twin to twin transfer is 100%. But, 85% of identical twins have a pretty minor degree of it and 15% have it so bad that it causes death in both babies. He measured the nucal fold and said that they will be OK and not have serious issues with it. He said the thicker the fold is at this stage the higher the likely-hood of it becoming fatal. Baby B’s was 1.7, which he said was excellent and VERY normal, and Baby A was “way too active” to be able to get a good measure on it. However, he said that what he did see of it is definitely normal and he’s not concerned considering that Baby B’s is so good. So we are very relieved to hear that! Dr. Hintz said that he will do an ultrasound at every appointment because he said you can’t get accurate heart rates and measurements any other way with multiples. So, we’ll have lots of pictures by the time they arrive! We will get our scanner hooked back up and then I will post today’s picture on here, also. All in all, today’s visit was fantastic! We go back on September 21 for another visit. Until then, everything is great!Thanks so much for all of the prayers….God is great and I am feeling so blessed to be able to experience this miracle!!!!

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