Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Crazy Day

We went to Dr. Lynch on Monday morning for Noah. We have some answers thankfully. Noah’s oxygen level while in his office was 92%, which Dr. Lynch said is not good. It isn’t hospitalization level, thankfully, but it needs to increase. I know when he was in NICU the alarm would sound at 85%, so it is better than that. Dr. Lynch thinks that it could be one of a couple of different things. So we are treating the easiest thing first, because treatment isn’t as difficult. He believes it could be that he is refluxing into his lungs, causing him to have these problems. So, Noah is to remain on the Prevacid, and we are also to thicken his formula and give him a Nebulizer treatment twice a day with Pulmacort. We are giving that two weeks to help. If it doesn’t, then we move on to step two, which would be an oral steroid and give that two weeks. If that still doesn’t help, then we move on to his other thought of what could be wrong. Dr. Lynch said that it could be caused by a congenital defect in his lungs that wasn’t caught at birth because he was a preemie. He said they could have believed that his breathing issues at birth were entirely caused by prematurity and it might not be that. Noah has done extremely well with the treatments. Last night we did it while he was asleep and that worked well. Today, he wasn’t going to sleep on time, so I tried it awake. He did awesome! He actually even tried to put it in his mouth. I was so relieved that he didn’t mind it at all. Austin had to do it when he was about 18 months old and he screamed through it, so I was expecting that. It was a nice surprise that he doesn’t mind! Also he looked at the rash on him and talked with Troy later in the day. Troy called and said it could be cradle cap on his face, instead of his head. He had some name for it, but again, I don’t remember names of things well these days. So we are treating that with hydrocortisone cream and Aquaphilic cream twice a day. So hopefully that will help Noah with that part.It was an exhausting day. We were at the doctor for three and a half hours, then we had to run all over the place to get Noah’s prescription and Nebulizer. Austin had his DARE graduation and Boy Scouts last night. And just as we were about to fall into bed exhausted, Aidan started screaming in his room. I checked on him and he said his hair was stuck to the bed. Both Austin and Aidan talk in their sleep, so I thought that was what he was doing. I told him to wake up and I would show him he was fine. Well, he was awake and he was stuck to the bed. He had taken silly putty to bed with him and then fallen asleep on top of it. We got him unstuck from the bed and tried valiantly to wash it out of his hair, to no avail. We ended up cutting it out. He has quite a nifty bald spot on the right side of his head now…thankfully he needs a haircut before the baptism and he has two weeks for it to grow out, or I would REALLY be throwing a FIT. Needless to say, the Easter Bunny will NEVER be bringing Silly Putty to our house again!

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