Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Doctor Visit for Noah

Tuesday morning was pretty eventful again at our house. When Noah woke up, I noticed that his lips looked pretty purple. After he ate, he was panting even worse than usual (he always pants) and his lips were definitely purplish-blue, with the area surrounding the lips being blue. Since he was still breathing OK, I called his doctor. He had us go to the ER so they could check his oxygen levels and transfer him to Allen if that was necessary. I prayed the entire way there and was very scared of what was going on, and thankfully, by the time we got to the ER his oxygen was much better and he wasn't blue anymore. His oxygen varied while we were there, but mostly stayed up with only a few dips, so we repeated his chest x-ray and did blood work. Everything looked good with that, so at least that was good. Troy was thankfully on call, so Noah saw his own doctor and someone we trusted. And thankfully he was never transfered, either. We still have no clue what is going on and why he continues to not be able to catch his breath and now is turning colors that are not good at all. So Troy and Dr. Lynch spoke and they decided that since the Nebulizer treatments are not working, we will not continue them for another week. Noah was given a prescription for Prednisone (no idea how to spell that) and we will try that until Monday. Then he will see Dr. Lynch. If that isn't working, then we will go to a specialist in Iowa City. With stopping the nebulizer and starting the oral steriod this week, we are one week closer to Iowa City if we have to do that. It was a very scary situation that I pray never repeats itself and I hope we figure this thing out soon. Noah is much happier today, which is good. He was very fussy the last few days and noone but me has been able to get him to calm down at all. I have been able to get him to at least stop screaming, but even then, he sometimes won't stop crying, so clearly he is uncomfortable. But already this morning we have had a conversation and he has smiled at me several times (with smiles being few and far between since Monday morning, that is a positive sign). Please keep Noah in your prayers that we are able to figure out what is going on and he starts to get better.

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