Sunday, June 10, 2007

4 Month Doctor Visit

Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah had their 4 month check up and shots Friday. :( They all cried when they got them, Noah screamed for a few minutes. He wasn't happy at all. Thankfully Steve's sister went with us so I didn't have to go alone. We will not start solids until they are six months for a few reasons. I think that's the earliest I want them to due to prematurity and also then I don't have to do cereal at all. I do not want to do it; I haven't with either of the other boys. Troy was fine with us starting directly with avocado. Other than them staring intently at us every single time we eat, they don't really seem ready to start, either. They are still fine with their formula and do not act hungry when they are finished. Apart from Noah's reflux (we increased his meds), everything with them is great! They are all developing normally. None of them are rolling very consistently at all yet. Ethan rolled early, then quit. Nathanial has never rolled. Noah has rolled a few times (according to Austin). Nathanial and Ethan do not squeal yet or laugh. Noah laughs, though. Troy said not to be concerned about it, because when we account for them being early, they are doing everything they should and even a lot of stuff most "normal" 4 month olds do. They are getting really big! We thought that Ethan was getting pretty tubby and closer to Noah than Nathanial, but we were wrong. Ethan was 24 1/2" and 13 lbs, 10 oz. and his head was 16". Nathanial was 24 3/4" and 13 lbs, 6 oz. and his head was also 16". Noah was 23 1/4" (short little fella!), and 14 lbs, 10 oz., and his head was 16 1/4". So they are all growing really well! After the shots, Nathanial and Ethan slept most of the day away as did Noah at first. Then he screamed for about 3 hours again, but we are not really sure that was due to the shots at all. He has been cranky for the last week and drooling A LOT. I asked if he could possibly be teething and he said yep. So we think that is what is going on. He was cranky again yesterday and today and he just chews on my finger...hard. Everything he picks up, he sticks in his mouth, also. Poor little guy! They are all grabbing stuff and picking it up....on purpose! It is so exciting to see. We started putting stuff in their hands a couple of weeks ago and they would hold on, and then look at it funny like "how did that get there?" Now, they are grabbing things themselves and staring at them and beginning to figure it out. They stare at their hands and have discovered them, also. It is so neat to watch! However, they are also picking up stuff that they shouldn't have because we keep forgetting they are able to. Gotta watch them ALL the time now! Today Noah had a hold of a hard plastic tie thing (like they attach toys with)...thankfully I was right next to him and saw him as soon as he picked it up. Aidan turned FOUR on Wednesday! I cannot believe he is that old already! We had his George (Curious, that is) party yesterday. Much as I wanted a George (Bush, that is) party, he wasn't going for it! He had a blast. Austin and Aidan received a bounce house (early present for Austin) and Aidan just loves it! I do not want to see what our electric bill will be this month! His cousin Emma was here, so that was all he really even needed to have fun. Then last night we went to the neighbors for a fish fry (I refrained from the fish). So all in all a pretty good day.Austin is at a Boy Scout campout this weekend, so he missed the party. He made the choice to go to camp, which was fine by us. He is canoeing this weekend. I'm anxious for him to get home to make sure he didn't go down river! He'll be home sometime late this afternoon, but I am pretty sure he is having a lot of fun. He starts his weekly intensive Asperger group and Camp Invention this week. He has Boy Scout camp (week long) in July. He also is doing a bunch of stuff for 4H (fair and Communication Day). He got more rabbits yesterday, so he needs to start working with them now so they show well. One of them is especially calm already...I think she's the one he should show for his showmanship. And one of them is pretty ornery so hopefully he can get her to calm down. He usually can. Steve's still working on the roof to the back building so he can set up a rabbit house for them all. He is keeping one hutch outside and then four cages inside the building so he has a place to house all of them once they wean! So far Austin has 7, with 5 being in one cage (mama and babies). I started putting pictures on a different website...I can upload larger pictures, so it will be easier and there is more room. It is

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