Friday, June 22, 2007

Summer Fun

We have been very busy the last couple of weeks and it seems instead of a relaxing summer, we will have a very busy one. Austin had Camp Invention last week and this week and had a lot of fun with that. He invented a “new” space station. The idea is that you go and take apart an electronic item (this year, a record player) to discover how it works and then rebuild it into something else. You also learn about different scientific things, how patents work, the invention process, and all sorts of stuff. Our school really encourages it for all students, but it’s almost mandatory for the TAG students. He loves going and I believe this is the last year he’ll be able to go. Austin also had his 4H Communication Day presentation today. He did a Working Exhibit on paint bags. He found the idea on Kid Concoctions and he loves to do them at home, so it was a great idea. We thought we had a lot of it figured out a while ago…he printed out his ideas, supply list, steps, posters, everything on Sunday so all we had to do was actually put it ON the display board. Easy, right?? Not so! We started around 7 last night and did not get finished until 11! It took forever, but it did look pretty good when we were all done. He received a merit ribbon today after he finished and was asked to do it at the county fair in August, so that was great! They are even willing to make arrangements for him because the working exhibit time is half way through his rabbit show, but they are willing to let him come late and do it. He is very excited. I put pictures of last night’s fiasco and today’s presentation on I have decided I will be using that for pictures from now on.Aidan is, well, Aidan. He is so sweet sometimes and sooo ornery others. I cannot figure out if it is because he is trying to assert his independence or what. It can be very trying and then, just as fast as lightning, he will be his sweet little self again. It hasn’t helped that the weather has been extra icky, either. It has been hotter than blazes and then, suddenly, last night, it was storming really bad and today also. He started swimming lessons on Monday, but has actually had only two lessons, only one of which was in the water. Monday it stormed so they had a safety lesson, Tuesday was a swim meet, Wednesday in the water, then last night Tornado and Thunderstorm warnings killed it. He is actually doing really well.Nathanial is getting very close to rolling! He is now whipping himself onto his side and trying VERY hard to roll all the way. He just needs to move his arm out from under himself! Ethan has the back to front roll down perfectly and is trying to perfect his back to front. He gets stuck halfway and also needs to move his arm! Noah has got it down both ways and is deciding it is an excellent way to get across the room! Not so great!! They are all grasping toys when you put them in their hands and Nathanial and Ethan will even grab at toys themselves and hold on. Which also means they pick up EVERYTHING they find and it immediately goes into the mouth. I think they are all teething. They are all drooling and putting everything in their mouths and chewing on things a lot. Noah is very cranky, but the other two are really good.I think I am either slightly insane or really stupid (haven’t decided which yet!), but the boys and I are going to stay a week at Shawna’s in the beginning of July! We are all very excited. I am a tad nervous about the babies and Austin, but I am sure it will be a lot of fun. Steve always works the month of July non-stop (even holidays and weekends) because of year end, so we never see him. I thought this year instead of staying home, we would go away. That way he also doesn’t have to worry about being home for us at a certain time (which is usually very late). We are planning on going swimming, to the River Museum, and the Madison Zoo! I know it will be a lot of fun!The day after we get home from Shawna’s, Austin goes to Boy Scout camp for 10 days! He’s very excited. It will be his longest stay away from home, but last year he went to Webelos camp for four days and he has been on three weekend BS campouts in the last few months, so he’ll be fine. He also still has his Monday group that he goes to and the 4H fair to look forward to. So glad to have his Communication Day done!!!That’s about it for now. I hope everyone has a great 4th of July and we’ll update when we get home!

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