Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Great Escape

I had a doctor's appointment this evening, so Steve came home early to stay with the boys. Austin and Aidan decided they wanted to go to the library, and Dad let them. That was all fine and good. Apparently, when they got home, they forgot to close the back door. I do not know how you forget to close a door, but leave it to either of them to do it.

Suddenly, about five minutes later, Steve realized that Ethan and Noah were missing. Panic set in and he went searching for them...discovering the Open Door. He raced around and found them three houses down, being corralled by people he didn't know. I called about five minutes after he got them back inside, but panicked just the same as him. I am so thankful they decided (apparently) to stay on the sidewalk. Ethan likes to run and thinks it's hilarious when we are outside to run away from me, but has never, ever gotten beyond our yard. Noah and Ethan are so close, they do everything together, so I imagine when Ethan formed the plan, Noah was more than willing to go along. Thankfully, Nathanial likes to spend a lot of time by himself so didn't notice the other two had taken off.

What happens when they talk, for real, and can formulate plans together??? Or get the door open themselves?? I do not want to think about it....

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