Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Happy First Birthday Hannah!!!!

Happy First Birthday, Hannah! We love you sooo much and you are such a blessing to us! What an amazing year this has been. You are so very special to each of us and we cannot imagine our lives without you in it!! Aidan meets Hannah for the first time - 9/16/09
Austin gets his turn to hold Hannah

Two very happy big brothers with thier baby sister

The "little boys" adore Hannah and are in love right from the start

Hannah Grace is ready to go home

Aidan and Noah are thrilled to greet their baby sister at home

Our SIX!!

Hannah Grace
One Month Old

Hannah Grace - Dedication at Two Months Old

Hannah Grace - 2 months

Hannah Grace - 3 months and quite the smiler!

Hannah - 4 months
Very curious about everything!

Hannah Grace - 5 months
Loves her baby
Hannah Grace - 6 months

Hannah Grace
7 months

Hannah Grace
8 months

Hannah Grace
9 months
Silly Girl
Hannah Grace
10 months
Growing up so fast!
Hannah Grace
11 months
You ADORE your Grandpa Kenny!!
(he's about the only person that actually gets to hold you!)
Hannah Grace
One Year Old!!!!

I am in awe that you are already a year old and in awe of the gifts that God bestows upon us in packages dressed up as "children." We are so very, very blessed and so very, very thankful to God for giving us you!! We love you, Hannah G!!!!

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Anonymous said...

HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY HANNAH!!!!!!!!!!!! You are such a cutie. We Love you, Grandpa Rick & Grandma Pam