Monday, October 5, 2009

Austin and Hannah's Party

For Austin's birthday, Steve and I took him on a "date" with just Mom and Dad - no little people allowed. He has been wanting to go to HuHot for a very long time, so that was what we decided to do on our time out. I forgot my camera (how?? I do not know!), so I don't have any pictures of that besides what is on my phone and those are just bad. You'll have to take my word for it that we had a great time and really enjoyed our time together with just the three of us!

Hannah's birthday fell on a Wednesday, so she got a little celebration with just the family. She loved her cake that I made her and had fun listening to us sing to her!

Hannah before her cake
Hannah's cake
Hannah enjoying her cake

We had Austin and Hannah's party at home and everyone had a lot of fun!

Hannah is all smiles!

OK...I'm done with the pictures now, Mom! My birthday "babies" (not so much) together
(Austin didn't want a picture alone - how typical!)

Hannah with her boys
(Noah on couch; Nathanial in red; Ethan in green)

Aidan is all honked off because he didn't get his picture taken with Austin and Hannah - the first time!

One of my favorite pictures of the whole day -
Hannah is exhausted and fell asleep on Alex!

Hannah's own cake
(yes, those are fingers already in it - thanks to Thano)

Austin's cake

Hannah's cake

Everybody pile on Emma!!!
{Poor Emma!!!!}

Hannah LOVES her new hat compliments of Uncle Kevin

She also loves her new pink tractor!
{Thanks, Grandpa Kenny and Grandma Lee!!}

Kendra and Hannah
{difficult to get two to look in the same direction!}

"I'm trying {very} hard to be a good boy, Mama!"

Austin's turn!

Everyone watching Austin

Hannah's turn

I don't know if I want to eat this cake - even for you, Grandpa Kenny!

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