Friday, July 7, 2006

This week has been a very long one. I don't know how I am going to wait another two weeks before we get to see this baby and make sure she has a heartbeat! I was doing pretty good...generally just tired, a little sore up top, dizzy, but that was about it. I had a little icky feeling earlier in the week, but I am pretty sure it was from going off my medication as I have been fine the rest of the week. Then, this morning, it hit. Ugh! I didn't eat breakfast right away and as the morning went on, I felt ickier and ickier. I finally gagged a little, but nothing happened, then had toast and laid down for a little bit. I felt better after that. I haven't had an upset stomach prior to that, but my diet has been pretty un-exciting, also. I think for most meals this week, I have had Campbell's Vegetable Beef soup, minus the beef (I pick it out). Today I added a peanut butter sandwich to it to try to get a little more protein and that went over OK. I have only wanted the soup for some reason...nothing else really sounds that good right now. The only other thing I am mildy (trying to remain *mildly*) concerned about is I have a very slight pain on my right lower side. It pretty much hurts all the time, even when I am not pregnant, so I am thinking it is nothing. Plus I also have some pain on my left side, so I am thinking it is probably just normal stretching, but my mind works overtime all the time, so I am thinking the worst things right away. Something to keep in prayer!I got too excited this week and told Aidan about the baby. I knew he wouldn't tell anyone and I knew he had no clue really. He didn't get it at all. He was fascinated when I showed him where the baby was, then pulled on my shorts to "see" the baby (had to explain that one), then stuck out his tummy and said his baby was in there. It will be interesting to see what happens as this progresses and then when the baby actually comes. I have tried to talk Steve into telling everyone in the family earlier and I am going to tell my family as soon as we see the heartbeat...he can wait for his family if he wants to, but I cannot wait 12 weeks this time! We know that the baby will be fine if we see the heartbeat, and even if it isn't, I would like some support if something is wrong. I am going to take Aidan to the fair in my dad’s town on the 27th, so I’ll tell my mom and dad that day. The next week Austin has fair here and I thought, if Steve wants, we can tell his family that day. We did it his way last time and I just really want everyone to know and share our excitement this time!

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