Monday, July 24, 2006

How Many Babies Did You Say??!!??!

haven’t updated in a while because I wanted to get my thoughts together before this post. I don’t even know if it will make sense even still, but I will try!We went for our ultrasound on Thursday afternoon. I didn’t sleep at all Wednesday night, I was so nervous. I felt like everything was OK with the baby, but it is still nerve racking knowing that you are going in to make sure the baby has a heartbeat. Steve didn’t sleep much, either, but still did pretty good.Steve took me out to lunch before our appointment, but my stomach just doesn’t handle much these days. I try to eat, though, because I sometimes feel better after I eat. Just depends on what it is. We got to the appointment early and they got us in early, which was great. We were in there and she said my uterus was ‘acting up’ so she went to the ovaries first. She wasn’t saying much and that panicked both of us. She did point out that I have a large fibroid on the right and a smaller one on the left and that they are OK right now and not interfering with the baby. Then she finally went in to look for the baby. She didn’t say anything again for a while, and Steve and I just kept looking at each other. Then she finally said she was going to go to the sac on the left first. When she used the word ‘sac’ I was positive there was no baby. She looked it over, then said, OK…this baby is alone and we will call it baby C. Hello!?!? I said you mean there is more than one baby? She said, we’ll go over to the right to that sac. And, again, I thought, ok, a sac, no baby. Inside that sac were TWO BABIES!!! She said because of the fact that they are in the same sac, they are identical twins. Amazing!! They are facing each other and it is so neat to see. She can’t see a membrane separating the two right now, but she did say that she saw two yolk sacs, which means that there is a very high chance there is a membrane. If there isn’t, that can be dangerous because they can strangle each other as they get larger. She said usually if there is no membrane there is only one yolk sac, too, so we feel pretty good there is something there. It is so early that it can be hard to see it all. The babies heartbeats were as follows: Baby A: 140; Baby B: 133; Baby C: 140….all excellent! The rate of miscarriage after seeing a heartbeat is less than 5%, so we know they are OK. They are measuring terrific, also. The doctor and nurses informed us that the identical babies have nothing to do with infertility treatment….it was all God. He is so awesome and deserves all the glory for these babies!Of course, the doctor wasn’t pleased there were triplets and immediately discussed selective reduction with us. We told him absolutely not and he informed us it was his “medical duty” to let us know we should strongly consider it. Bodies aren’t made for carrying more than one baby and I am immediately a high risk pregnancy. We told him that morally and emotionally there is no way that we would even consider selective reduction. We were upset because they discussed this with us before and said that they would be cautious with triggering and they would cancel the cycle if there were more than three follicles. So, I didn’t get it, but we got past that.I am able to go back to my regular OB for now. He will see me unless I go into premature labor and then I will be sent back to Iowa City. I don’t have my first appointment with him until August 22nd (he will do another ultrasound) because he is on vacation before that. How am I going to wait that long?!?! I guess I don’t have a choice!The fibroid is causing some pain, especially when I am really active during the day. I have discovered that I really need to take it easy….when I push myself I get exhausted and am in pain. “Morning” sickness has been horrid, but that’s to be expected. The tech had asked how I was feeling and when we saw three babies we knew why I was so sick. We went back to DBQ this weekend and told everyone. It was exciting and I was so glad to finally be able to tell everyone I was pregnant!Please keep us in your prayers to keep these babies healthy and right where they should be at least until February!

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