Tuesday, January 16, 2007


Well, went in for my bp, protien, and weight check today. My OB was more than a little nervous and I am now on bedrest at least until he gets labs back. In less than a week, I gained another four pounds, my bp went up to 150/106, protien was up, and swelling is not coming out even after 10-15 seconds. Good news is that he had me rest on my left side for 1/2 hour (while he entertained Aidan!) and my bp did go down a bit. He is having me do the 24 hour urine today and drew a boatload of labs. If anything is off on any of that, he will reevaluate prior to next week. He said that I am to go to bed and stay there until I either hear from him about the labs or my appointment next week. He also checked their heartbeats, which were still strong and good. He asked about movement. I said the one is still REALLY kicking me and the other two do more shoving than any kicking and I believe that they must have less room than Mr. Transverse. He said that was probably the case. He said if movement decreases, I get ANY headaches, visual disturbances, or anything feels even a little "wierd" he wants me to go in immediately. So, I guess now we are pretty much on a day to day waiting period until about Thursday, then I get to wait until Wednesday and see what will happen. I will be 34 weeks by then, so I feel a tiny bit better about that, but I really want them to stay put just a smidge longer than that. He did say that I am his star patient. He said he hears more bitching from his singleton patients than I have ever done and he's very amazed by it. I told him it doesn't do any good to complain about it...we want this and it will be worth it and it's only a short time of feeling crappy. So, that made me feel better, too.So, I don't really know much more than I did prior to the appointment as far as how long they will stay in there, but at least I didn't have to have them today!

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