Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Delivery Date Set!!!

We have a date!! We will be delivering the babies on Tuesday (February 6) at 1:30 p.m.!!! I am so excited and scared and just a bundle of emotions right now. I really want everything to be OK with them and I did want to wait until later in the week, but it isn't up to me. It is in God's hands and I trust all will be fine with the babies. I will be 36 weeks and they believe (both the OB and the nurses at the hospital) the babies will be close to 6 pounds by Tuesday. It is just amazing. I am thrilled, also, that we are able to deliver at Allen with our doctor. That is fantastic.My blood pressure and protien were up today, so I do have to go in on Friday afternoon to be sure they don't skyrocket before Tuesday. He said it could, but it is doubtful. But he does want to be sure. I didn't have to do any labs today...hooray!!The nurses on the OB floor today informed me that I am the first set of triplets in 39 years. They will have a pediatrician at the delivery plus lots of extra nurses, so they said it will probably be crowded. They also said that they cannot guarantee that I will get a spinal, it will depend on the anesthesthologist. They said there is one that will only do epidurals. I have had both and I prefer the spinal, but knowing in advance will help me prepare either way.I am just in awe that we have been able to make it this far. This is clearly God's will that we have these babies and that they be born as healthy as possible. We do need prayers for the doctors and nurses and all involved, the babies' health, and that everything goes well. If you could, please say an extra prayer for Austin that he does OK through all of this. He has been very accepting of everything lately and is handling this better, but I know it will still be difficult for him. Also for Aidan who is so excited and doesn't fully understand everything. I will update when I am able with new baby pictures and everything. I also am going to put up new bellyshots, one taken this weekend and I will take another Tuesday morning before we leave.

God is great!!!

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