Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OB Appointment

I am so excited! I went to my appointment today and everything with the babies is excellent. My blood pressure is still high (156/86) and didn’t change when I stayed laying down, BUT it isn’t affecting the babies at this point. I get to do yet another 24 hour collection (yippee!!) to make sure everything with me is still functioning. Last week’s results were very borderline, but he didn’t want to change plans yet. Anyway, I am excited because he is letting me go to 36 weeks! Woohoo!!!! This is exactly what I have been wanting and have prayed about. If the labs he does today and the 24 hr come back OK, he will just check bp and heartbeats next week and then the following week will be baby week. It seems so hard to believe that they are almost here! We discussed delivery again and he said he honestly never thought I’d get this far and hasn’t talked to anyone about delivering there. He doesn’t seem to think there will be a problem, but needs to talk to hospital staff and everyone to make sure that it is OK to deliver 3-36 weekers there. He seemed reassuring that they will let him, but again, will have to be sure. I sure hope so because I love our hospital and I REALLY want him to be the one to deliver them. He hasn’t said he won’t be the one to deliver them if we have to go to Iowa City, but common sense tells me he won’t be. The babies are getting really big. Today they measured 4.68 lbs (baby C), 4.52 lbs (baby B), and 5.26 lbs (baby a). Hintz seems to think that it is entirely possible we may be delivering babies over six pounds by the time they come. Unbelievable! He said that I have a “wonderful” uterus. So, that and my cervix are apparently splendid. He said he doesn’t want to wait any longer than 36 weeks due to placenta issues they may face and also following two sections. He said it is entirely possible I may still go into labor on my own before that and if I do, I need to get in immediately because of the risk of the scar rupturing. He said it shouldn’t because it is transverse, but he also said with how “distended” my uterus is, it is a possibility he can’t rule out. So we don’t want to risk that happening. Once again, all the babies were breathing, sucking, moving excellently and umbilical Doppler and brain Doppler was excellent also, along with fluid levels being wonderful. He said all in all, they are each behaving as well as any singleton he has seen at this stage. One of the baby’s has hair he said. He showed me on the ultrasound, but honestly, I couldn’t tell. Austin had a FULL head of hair when he was born and Aidan was bald as a cue ball, so it will be interesting to see how these guys come out.So today’s appointment went well again. I am still on bedrest (he believes it is working) and if something is funky with the labs and/or the protein, then things will be changed, but so far so good! I added pictures under the my pictures link, also.Praise God for how wonderful everything is going!!!

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