Wednesday, March 28, 2007

I had my six week checkup with Dr. Hintz and things are going well. He is convinced I will get pregnant magically on my own, but I know full well that isn't going to happen. And, if it does, that would be such a miracle after everything we went through to concieve Aidan and the triplets we would be thrilled. So we are choosing not to do anything to prevent it, after a lot of discussion. I am down 80 pounds, and almost 50 less than I was prepregnancy!!! I was so excited to see that! No wonder nothing fits! So I went shopping on Saturday (*without* children...Steve is so wonderful!) to buy one pair of pants. I tried one size down, and that was still too big. I kept going down and I am now down 8 sizes from prepregnancy! I fit into "normal" sizes again! I am so excited. I was able to get a couple of shirts also, in regular sizes. Not even extra large, either! Of course, I have been working my tail off to keep going down, I am walking at least two miles a day, keeping energized throughout the day, and eating much healthier than I ever have. So it isn't just falling off anymore...I'm working at it and it feels great to be able to.The boys are doing fabulous. Ethan's rolling was not a fluke...he has rolled several times since then. He doesn't go anywhere...thankfully!...just when we do tummy time, he will occasionally decide he doesn't like it and roll himself over. I don't remember either of the other two doing it this early. Nathanial is still content to just fall asleep during tummy time and Noah still holds his whole body up and then get torked if it lasts too long. I took Noah in to the doctor for a suspected ear infection last week. He had clear sticky drainage coming out, but it turned out to be nothing. However, while we were there, the subject of his fussiness came up and that he likes to be awake in the middle of the night for hours on end. He is fine, always, if he is being held or in the swing, but the second we put him down, he screams. I thought he was just fussy, but turns out the poor little guy has reflux. At least now we know he is being fussy for a reason and can hopefully fix it. Now that I know what he was doing is related to reflux, it is so clear, but prior to being told that, that didn't even enter my mind. He is on Zantac now. It doesn't appear to be helping yet, but we are going to give it until his two month appointment (next Friday) and then talk to Dr. Troy again about it. I hope it starts to work for him soon. He seems slightly better than he was, but not a lot. The spot on his forehead is a hemangioma, which is what I wondered about. I went back over pictures and noticed it first showed up around 2 weeks and doesn't seem like it has grown much since then. And the little chunk weighed in at 9 pounds, 12 ounces!! All three boys slept through the night last night!!! Well, I consider it sleeping through the night. We went to bed around 10:30 and noone made a peep until 4:30. Both Steve and I thought the other had gotten up and fed them earlier. That was nice...I am wondering if it will happen again.We have a shower this weekend at church for all of our church family to be able to meet and hold the babies. I am really excited for it. We have been to church every week since we first went back, but not a lot of people have been able to hold them, so hopefully they will get a chance Saturday. They attended Sunday School for the first time last Sunday with Daddy and I. They loved it...all the ladies held them and they were in heaven, and not even disruptive. This is a relief to me because it means I am still able to attend Sunday School for a while. They are getting baptized on April 29. We wanted to wait for spring so everyone would be healthy and now hopefully that will hold out for us. I have a few new pictures I will get up today or tomorrow.

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