Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hannah Update

Hannah had her labs drawn on Friday and she was a trooper. She is so nosy and that paid off big time - she was so fascinated by what he was doing, that she forgot or didn't notice that it was "supposed" to hurt, she didn't even cry. Of course, she had the very best drawing her labs, so that helped immensely, also. He improvised a little baby tourniquet because the regular one was way huge, found a tiny vein, and went for it.

We had the results by Friday afternoon and everything looks fantastic. Even her iron is at a really good level. Now, I would just like to point something out here. The triplets were on iron fortified formula by the time we drew their iron - and their iron was low enough to warrant being on an iron supplement. Hannah is not receiving any vitamins and is only getting breastmilk and her iron was perfect. A few are concerned she is malnourished why??? Actually, I don't think that he thinks she is malnourished at all - I just think he's looking for an underlying cause to her petite-ness (is that a word?) and I really believe it's just genetics. It just felt really good to hear that even her iron was well within normal ranges - I totally expected that to be low.
When the nurse called me to let me know that her labs were fine, I said 'Yes' (because I expected that) and she repeated it. Like I might not totally grasp that I was supposed to be so very relieved. I don't think she understood I was never worried about it and knew they were going to be fine.

We are having some major difficulties getting the urine sample. I have been through three bags - which do not have near enough sticky on them for little girls. It was a task getting it for Austin when he was that age, but at least it was a little easier. Plus, I am learning, girls do not piddle when the cold air hits them. They actually need to go in order to do so. I have also tried letting her hang out with no diaper, cup at the ready, to just try to "catch" it and that's not working. She sits really well for about an hour and a half and then she has had it and wants to be covered up again. Unfortunately, on the occasions I have tried this, I must have just missed a piddle opportunity because we are now on day five and I still have no sample. I was starting to fret, but Dr. B said yesterday to keep trying, but if I can't get it, that's fine. Whew!

She has been taking the Prevacid since Friday. She does not like it. She makes a little noise and shakes from head to toe whenever she is given it. She doesn't spit it out, thankfully. The triplets loved it, so this is surprising to me. So far, it hasn't made a huge difference, but she did sleep for about three hours at night, so maybe it is. I just wish she would sleep more....

Hannah goes back in at the end of the month to be weighed again and then we will see where to go from there, I guess. Hopefully, she'll gain more weight! She still isn't getting food on a regular basis - only about two or three times a week - but Dr. B said that was fine. She loves avocados and sweet potatoes!

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Anonymous said...

It's good to know that the doctor wants to ensure that all is well with Miss Hannah, and by the sounds of it, all IS well!

She seems to be a petite one, but after time, she will make up for it. My girls were always smaller than my son at the same age. Now my ten year old is almost taller than me (!) and has more than caught up to the charts.

Good to hear that the breastmilk is giving Miss Hannah everything that she needs. (Breastfed babies tend to grow slower than formula babies too, but I'm sure that you know that already!)

Love to all,