Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas Programs, Christmas Programs, Christmas Programs!

December brought with it three different Christmas programs - Aidan's school program, Austin's vocal program, and the church program. Aidan was very excited for his very first school Christmas program at the big school (high school) and he did a great job! My camera takes horrible far away pictures, so some are just not real fabulous, but you get the gist of it. Aidan is in the way back row, all the way to the right, with the red sweater and shirt sticking out the bottom.

This is both Kindergarten classes together.

Little better picture of Aidan...looking all serious.

And his head got a touch cut off, but they look so cute singing away.

Austin's vocal program.
The only decent picture I got of him that was close enough to identify him.
Austin is on the right corner of the sweater.

Aidan's all ready for the church program - I do not know what is up with the odd faces lately.
The black eye is compliments of some child in PE who rammed into Aidan while playing some little game. I tried to fix it, but I can't because of where it is. Ahhh....memories!

The girls at church all ready...and all looking beautiful!

The boys turn. All looking mighty handsome!
(Don't ask about the newspaper Noah had to carry with him.)

Ali and Hannah Hannah and Noah waiting for it to start
(again with the paper...)

Ethan is waiting and lounging

Hannah is waiting patiently

Aidan - facing away from the camera. Again, horrible shots from distance, but I was only 3 rows back. Still, I kept getting people's heads!

This shot is really, really bad, BUT Aidan was so cute doing all the actions, that I didn't even care that it was fuzzy!

The triplets and Hannah were forced to wait until Aidan's part was over, but then really wanted to just go to the "toys" (as Noah calls it) to play. This is how I spent the remainder of the play. Thankfully, I was able to see it in rehearsal, so I had seen some version of it prior to the actual night!

Hannah loves the little rocky-thingy.

Ethan loves the elephant slide.
{They all do, actually!}

Nathanial playing nicely.Noah and Hannah putting the train together.
{Never mind the two different colored socks....}

Nathanial serving Ethan something to eat.

Ethan serves HannahAll four enjoying a little "snack"
The programs were a lot of fun and really reminded us of what Christmas is all about. Without Jesus, it would all be nothing and I am thankful to have the opportunity to take time out to reflect upon that during the busy season that Christmas can become if you let it!

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