Monday, December 21, 2009

Sick Mommy Awards

Today's SMA's* go to the following:
*Sick Mommy Awards

Thank you to PBSKids
Thank you, PBSKids, for providing quality, educational television so I can feel less guilty about allowing my children to watch all morning long. Thank you for being such a great babysitter!

Thank you, also, to my very own big, comfy, couch.

Thank you, Mr. Couch, for being so very cuddly and comforting me, while allowing me to keep one eye on my many small children.

Thank you, Peanut Butter.
Thank you, Peanut Butter, for being a fairly healthy option that is quick, easy, and takes no thought to feed my many small children lunch. Thank you for providing lots of necessary protein!

Thank you, Naptime!!

Ahhh, naptime. How I love thee!! You deserve so very many thank you's and I barely know where to start. Thank you, Naptime, for giving me a chance to catch my breath, every day. Thank you, Naptime, for giving me this special little two hours of Mommy time, especially when Mommy doesn't feel so great! Thank you, Naptime, for recharging my little people and taking away the crankiness.

And now, I am off to lie on said couch and veg while my many small children enjoy their naptime!!


Anonymous said...

Are you okay Trista?
Love - Mom

Calonder Crew said...

yeah...I'm fine. Just felt really rotten today. I think I have the stomach flu.

Anonymous said...

Feel better soon lady - I am praying for you! I LOVE the picture of Noah and E or N (I can't be sure!) crashed out on the couch!