Monday, August 16, 2010

Summer's Almost Over

Tonight we had our preschool open house. Summer's almost over and it's almost time for school to start. :( Because Nathanial, Ethan, and Noah will be taking the "bus" to school, I took this opportunity to snap lots of pictures that would otherwise be taken on the first day. I am not going to take them nor follow the bus on the first day of school for a multitude of reasons.

Lined up on the little stars!

Having some tool fun and discovering a new addition
to the preschool since last spring - a hamster!

Nathanial playing in the kitchen.

Ethan playing with the tool bench.

Noah chatting with a new "friend."
(Somehow I think he'll be just fine making new friends!)

Nathanial can barely be torn away from the
fascinating gerbil!

All three checking him out.

Nathanial showing Hannah.

Noah playing with puzzles.

Ethan dressing a baby.

Nathanial playing with a puzzle.

Between their social story books, their teacher taking the time out to visit with the boys at their home, the open house happening just two days before school starts, and lots of conversations about the bus, Miss Becky, Mrs. E and Mrs S, and school, I believe the boys are as ready as they'll ever be to start school!!


The Scanlan's said...

Trista, the boys will LOVE Mrs. E & Mrs. S they are both GREAT teachers. Jordan had them his first year at Tripoli and they did a wonderful job. Mrs. E is very caring and concerned about every child in her room and if you have any questions or problems she is very willing to discuss solutions with you. Here first priority is to make sure the kids are happy and learning.

I believe that the Tripoli Pre-School is a wonderful place for the kids!


Calonder Crew said...

Good hearing from you, Jeni!! They love Mrs. E and Mrs. S! Thankfully, they went last spring to visit three Fridays at the end of the year and I believe that made a huge difference for the beginning of this year. Mrs. E is aware of the concerns we have about Nathanial and she has already called us a few times and I know she's being very observant. She's also called just to tell us the fun things they've done. It's been a fabulous experience so far and I know they are at the best possible school for them. I'm very thankful and feel incredibly blessed in the way God worked to bring *me* full circle to this year!
Hope you're doing well!!