Friday, September 28, 2007

Babies, Babies Everywhere!!!

All three are on the move! They are everywhere! I cannot believe how quickly they can realize that they are mobile and just up and take off. Ethan is the worst because he has completely mastered crawling. Nathanial does a couple of "real" crawl steps, then whips himself forward to grab whatever it is that he isn't supposed to have. Noah still does a crawl, army crawl, scoot combo. But do they ever move quick! And the stuff they find!! I am vacuuming three times a day and they still find stuff to eat! They get soooo mad when you move them, also. We lovely refer to Nathanial as "Larry" (as in Larry the Cable Guy) because he is so attracted to our cable cord. I have been a little slow on the baby proofing thing and he is so enamored with that thing, I am constantly pulling him away. To be honest, Aidan was so easy that we didn't have to do a lot of baby proofing. A few plugs in outlets and we were good to go. Not so much with these guys. I have been searching for cord covers (which I found online), more outlet covers (what happens to all those things???), baby gates (don't really care for them to discover the house has more than one room that they can adventure to yet), and all sorts of fun stuff. Man alive, I never knew they would get into so much!!

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