Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Noah's ER Visit

Poor Austin got the shaft on his actual birthday. Noah decided that he would choose this afternoon to do something to his eye. Everything was fine and dandy when we went to get Aidan from school and rush to get pictures taken after picking up Aidan before picking up Austin. So I get the babies out and start loading them in their stroller, when I notice that Noah isn't opening his one eye. And when I pried it open, it was bright red. Fantastic. I figured he just poked himself in the eye and everything would be fine (he does that a lot). When we got home from picking up Austin, he was still weird with his eye. So I decided to check it and really look at it around 4:45, so I would have time to call the doctor if need be. Well, when I looked at it closely, I could have sworn I saw a huge scratch on his eye. So I quickly called the doctor, only to discover they close at 4:30, not 5:00 like I thought. Ugh! So now the decision had to be made whether to take him to the ER or not. I called Steve and he thought that we probably should, just in case it was really bad and he needed something done now. I get him to the ER and they look at me like I'm insane (never mind that I rarely take my kids in if I don't have to). The nurse asked who our family doctor was, then informed me he was on call. I said "Good!" a little too enthusiastically apparently because she got VERY upset with me. You have to understand, we have three doctors in town. One we used to go to and she isn't all that bright and usually I became her therapist when we went. The other is an imbecile and doesn't barely understand English and is 100 years old and should retire. Then their is our doctor, who is VERY good and we are really lucky to have a doctor like him in a town our size. So, of course, I was very glad that he was on call. She looked at me and said "If it is really an emergency, you wouldn't care who was on call." To which I replied, "which is exactly why we are here...I had no idea who was on call and I am just concerned about my baby." The other nurse, who is a sweetheart, said to me "It's just a bonus when your own doctor is on call." Precisely....and the others are idiots. Well, he came in and didn't see anything in Noah's eye and said it was pink eye. Didn't I feel like a jackass for taking him into the ER for pink eye! None of my kids have ever had it so I really didn't think that was the problem.

We got home and had Austin's choice of dinner (chicken Parmesan), so at least it wasn't a total loss. We didn't even get to eat until 8 pm, but at least the babies were down, so we didn't have to worry about that. I feel bad that he got put on the back burner on his birthday of all days.

Happy Birthday Austin....we love you!!!

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