Saturday, September 29, 2007


I finally got a night out scrapbooking last night! The new pastor put together a craft night at church and I got to go. It was awesome. I didn't get a whole lot done, I was rather in awe of having a Friday night alone, but I did get some things done. Steve looked a little frazzled when I left him. The babies were needing to eat supper and they were all really torked. He was trying to make at least one happy by continuing to just feed him, when he looked at me and asked when the other two got a turn. I told him he needed to haul ass and whip as fast as possible from one to the next to the next. Then he looked at the amount of food I had prepared and couldn't quite believe they would eat all of it. He seriously underestimates the power of three. They didn't even have that much, in my humble opinion. They had two jars (yes, jars...I can't do meat) of chicken and vegetables and a bowl of pears. That's not a lot for them. I also told him that if he put stars or sippy cups on their trays, they get enthralled with that and after the initial starvation wears off (ie, a few bites), they are less fussy and mess with those. It doesn't hurt that they LOVE stars and haven't figured the sippy cup out yet! He ended up doing just fine, got them fed supper and bottles, into pajamas and in bed by 7:oo. Yay!!

I got home around 11:30 and much to my surprise, Steve waited up for me! It was very nice to come home to a bright house (I usually come home to pitch black when I've been out scrapping that late) and be able to talk. We didn't get to bed until 1:00. Amazing, for a man who loves to be in bed by 9 every night if possible (hasn't been since before we had the triplets), and was planning to "catch up" on sleep that night by going to bed as soon as Austin and Aidan were in bed.

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