Thursday, February 28, 2008

More Aidan-isms

Aidan has many hilarious sayings, as I have said before. Some are not exactly appropriate, so unfortunately, I cannot share them here. Let's just say last week he had Steve and I rolling with something he was explaining to us....not understanding exactly what it was that he was saying. And, of course, we have to keep a straight face, which isn't always easy.

It is with utmost respect to my loved one that I share this next story...and absolutely no disrespect intended, at all.

Steve watched the boys while I went to a doctor appointment. He and Aidan were picking up the living room, when Aidan found a five dollar bill. He is obsessed with money and so whenever he finds some, he tries to keep it (generally, if it's a dollar or less, he gets to keep it...not five). He asked Steve if it was George Washington on the bill. Steve said, no, that is Abraham Lincoln. Aidan said, "Oh, that's right. George Washington has hair like Granny." Steve said he had to try very hard not to start laughing...Aidan was referring to my Grandma, whom is known as "Granny" (compliments of a very small Austin) to all the great-grandchildren, and actually, now almost all of us call her that. It fits her. At first, I said "No way....Granny's hair doesn't look like George's!" Then, upon closer inspection of a one dollar bill, we could see where a four year old might get that mixed up.

And to know how much we love you!! Even if your hair might, kinda-sorta, in a very hard-to-discern-way look like George Washington's!

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