Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Our Little Climber

Ethan has been quite the little climber lately. The other day, I was out of the room for two seconds while they were eating breakfast. All of the sudden, I heard a terrible crash! I came running, and discovered Ethan on the front of Nathanial's high chair. Hmmmm.....that's odd. How did he launch himself way down there???

I was feeding them breakfast this morning, when I discovered the answer to my question. Ethan did not launch himself way down that way. No, not at all. He crawled on top of Noah's highchair, then Nathanial's, to get himself more food. Not that he didn't already have some on his tray...but hey, I guess that wasn't quite good enough. Then, he cautiously turns himself around, on top of the tray, to lower himself to the ground. Yeah, like there's a graceful way to go about that. Thankfully, I was standing there to witness this second attempt, so he did not fall.

He's also been gathering everyone's sippys, especially Noah's, but often times Nathanial's, also, on his tray, to leave his brothers without any. I have managed to get a couple of pictures of him in the act of stealing food. We have tried tightening the tray as far as it will go, tightening the little belt...nothing helps. He wiggles right out. Help!

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