Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Austin has an Asperger camp twice this week with his psychologist and a group of kids his age with Asperger's. He went today and loved it. It was meant to teach social skills, work on motor skills, life skills, and also be fun.

They made lunch for themselves. They had pigs in a blanket - Austin just had the "pig"; cut apple slices (they had to cut); macaroni and cheese, and for dessert they made "push cookies." They were given sugar cookie dough and they had to push ingredients into it (ie, m&m's, dried bananas, etc.). I could easily see where all this combined life skills and motor skills, all while being fun.

He had to describe an item that he drew and the group had to draw it while he described it and then guess what it was. He chose to describe his using letters. See if you can guess what he's describing (I couldn't!): It has a "T," a "Y," and two "O's." Are you guessing???

Give up yet??

Now do you give up???

It's a bike!

I am amazed constantly by how his mind works sometimes and this is just one example. Why you would choose letters over it has a seat, handlebars, a chain, and two wheels is WAY beyond my comprehension.

They also had some discussion and made paper airplanes. All in all, he had a great day.

And, I, also, had a fabulous day of eating lunch by myself and finally getting to check out the shops in downtown Cedar Falls without anyone else along!

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