Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Buzzed Babies :-O

All the boys needed haircuts....bad. One problem was that their regular barber and my hair stylist (who does Nathanial and Ethan's) were both booked for a while. So, we had errands to run anyway, so I chose to take them to a "quick" place in Waterloo. All I can say is....NEVER AGAIN.

I explained to her that I just wanted "normal, little boy" haircuts for all four. I also explained how Austin's is a little tricky and you have to cut his shorter to get all the colics out or else it all sticks up. Surprisingly, Austin's turned out OK. Aidan's wasn't too awful, but that's because I watched like a hawk and didn't move from his side. Nathanial and Ethan's, on the other hand, were a complete disaster! The ONE thing I told her I DID NOT want was a butch. Guess what they ended up with???

Introducing....Brutis I and Brutis II :

(aka, Ethan)

(aka, Nathanial - please excuse the filthy little face)

And, so he doesn't feel left out, Noah is very pleased with his much so that we just couldn't possibly take any off!

Thank goodness it wasn't their first haircut and that their hair grows super fast or I would really be torked!

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