Thursday, June 19, 2008

OB Update

I went in today for another appointment. I am further along than I realized! I can't believe sometimes how fast this pregnancy is going, yet it seems to be taking forever for this new little family member to join us because we are so excited. An interesting phenomenon this time around is that I have no clue how far along I am. In every single one of my pregnancies, I have been able to say the exact number of weeks and days (and more than likely minutes and seconds if you really wanted to know!) that I was. Not this time. Now I have to check my e-mail signature. I know my due date, but forget it if you want an answer as to how far along I am. I listened carefully to my doctor and I now know I am 27 weeks pregnant. Wow! It seems amazing to think I am that far! It is also just shocking to me that I do not know how far along I am. I guess my brain just no longer works!

The appointment went, I gained one pound, so that was good. So far, I have just lost weight. I have no protein; yet. Baby's heartbeat was fabulous (168) and moving everywhere. Normally, this baby is very lazy, similar to Nathanial in utero. But when the doppler comes out, watch out. Not a fan, very similar to how Aidan was. I also measured right on for dates. The one teeny-tiny, itty-bitty, smidgen of a problem was my blood pressure. It is rising at a startling rate and was very high yesterday. Not good at all. Dr. H just said 'you can't have toxemia just can't. You got to 36 weeks with triplets!' And, technically, I do not. I have minimal swelling (I think) and no protein. Still, the blood pressure can be a sticking point for OB's. It was 142/102. Ouch! So I told him it was rather stressful to have to get seven people (kids + "the nanny") to his office on time; I could feel it rising on my way in; it's him making me nervous; it can't possibly be accurate. So he let me "rest" and we chatted about our respective teenagers. Yeah, like that's a good idea to bring the BP down! Not so much, it seems. Or I really am starting to have a problem....but that can't possibly be it. It was the exact same the second time. So now, yippee!, I get to go back in in three weeks so he can keep an eye on it. Yuck. I'm fearful he's going to start the dreaded 24 hour urine again.

Plus, next time, I (joy, joy) get to do the puke-inducing glucose test. He told me not to puke, they'd make me do it again. I told him I learned that lesson with the triplets.'s disgusting. OK, normal people hate it. I despise pop...can't stand the fizz of it, the sugar of it, any part of it. If I am going to have pop because I have to, it has to be Coke or Dr. Pepper. Those are the only two I can even attempt to stomach. Sprite? Orange? No flipping way. Guess what the glucose is?? Extremely bubbly, very sugary, absolutely disgusting "Sprite" or "Orange" flavor. Is it really any wonder I want to hurl?? Not really...

With Aidan and the triplets, I failed the one hour test by a few measly points and ended up doing the three hour. I get to drink even more nasty crap AND wait three hours. Only to end up passing the three hour with flying colors. I am hoping to pass just so I don't have to drink it again. Sadly, though, I will not be overwhelmingly disappointed if I do not pass it, because that means I get three non-stop hours of reading and vegging...totally uninterrupted! Is that sad?? To get excited to sit in a lab for 3+ hours??? Ah, well. No matter what, I need to pass it though. I cannot get GD this time...I just can't.

So while I had a very nice chat with my wonderful OB and his nurse, all in all, it wasn't a fantastic appointment. Please pray for my blood pressure...I know it sounds stupid to pray for that, but this little person NEEDS to stay put until September!!!


Pattie said...

oh boy!! fingers crossed everything is at it's normal level SOON!! i remember having bp issues, funny, ONLY when at the appointments! ;-) i'd check it at the pharmacy almost daily and it was fine! You are truly an inspiration, your family a blessing, and this little girl is going to be SPOILED!!! :-)

Anonymous said...

Could this be genetic? I have been on BP meds since I was 28, Jeff since 18, Joe at 40. Grandma and Grandpa Schmitt - And, what about your dad?

I hope this baby can just stay put also. I will pray for you and little baby.


Trista said...


No, it's not genetic, this really is the start of toxemia. My bp has been OK, with it going slightly up at the last appointment and way up this time. Dr. H knows it's the beginning of it, he just isn't happy about it starting this early with a singleton. I don't have swelling or protien yet, though, so we're doing OK with that.

Anonymous said...

Hi Trista, I will pray that it comes down. I guess I shouldn't have read the blogs as I now see your having a girl. But thats kool, I am very happy for you all. The most important thing is that the baby is healthy thats all grandpa cares about. Also will her name be Matilda?????? No I am not on any blood pressure meds, it's always been great. Love ya Dad