Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Hearing Test Update

The results from the hearing tests were somewhat surprising (Noah's) and exactly what I thought (Nathanial).

I'll start with Nathanial. He had a flat line in both ears again on the tampanogram thingy and also failed all areas of the other ear tester thingy. We let him rest for a bit, while we then tested Ethan and Noah. Then we did an actual hearing test on him to see what, if anything, he IS hearing. Well, he has moderate hearing loss in both ears at this point. She was pretty sure it will get better if he gets tubes because the tampanogram and other thingy indicated fluid behind the drum, so that was our fantastic news as far as that went. I was happy to know she doesn't think it is permanent nerve damage, but we will have to see an ENT to know for sure. This was what I had suspected so I was prepared to hear it.

Ethan also had a flat line and failed the other thingy in his left ear. We could not get his right ear to respond at all to either machine and couldn't see any actual blockage in front of the drum, so he will have to have an ENT recheck it. However, he is also going to need tubes in both ears. We did not do an actual hearing test on him because he was ornery by that point and we know that he isn't hearing by his other tests, so it wasn't really important. It was, but I was willing to let it go...Nathanial I NEEDED to know so I had some idea. And then I can also judge the other two.

Noah was surprising. I thought he heard pretty good and the flat line in Dr. B's office was a fluke. He almost always responds to his name and he repeats things. (Said "yuck" and "ahhh" while opening his mouth today for the first time.) Plus he is super chatty. Well, he flatlined the tampanogram and failed the other thingy in one year, passed in the other but barely. It was a -4; and -5 is failing. So he hears somewhat in his right ear and almost nothing in his left ear (scored the same as Nathanial).

We now go to the ENT in two weeks, with four kids. Aidan has to have his recheck on his tubes, plus the babies for the consultation. I'm thinking all three will need tubes. Nathanial and Ethan need them in both ears, and Noah flatlined in both ears, with the other thingy doing slightly better, so I don't know what they'll do there. I actually hope all three get the tubes just so they all hear "normally" and we don't have to worry. At least I know what to expect since Aidan has had it done, so I am not worried about the actual procedure.

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Anonymous said...

Hi all. I hope all goes well when the boys go to the ENT> Happy Birthday to my little buddy Aidan. Prayers and thoughts to all. Love ya bunches. Grandpa Rick