Tuesday, November 11, 2008

What happened to her hair???

Yesterday, I left the boys to play for a little bit while I got lunch ready. They were being very good, so I figured everything was all right. I set Hannah in her car seat in the living room and left her there.

The boys love to paint and color right now, so we've been doing quite a bit of it. I have had a craft cabinet in the front closet for many years and we keep it stocked with art supplies and odds and ends. I don't even know what all is in it, honestly. Apparently, they have been paying closer attention to where I get the crayons than they let on.

When I was halfway through making lunch, Nathanial came into me with his hands full of what looked like super glue. I would have thought it was super glue, except he handed me a bottle of Super Fabric Textile Adhesive - Platinum Bond. Might as well have been super glue. I completely forgot we even owned it...it was left over from Austin's scouting days. I don't sew and if you've ever had a Cub and/or Boy Scout, you know there is a lot of sewing involved with all the patches. The first year, I let my mom do it. After that, I discovered this stuff and loved it. A little goes a long way, too. We had a huge tube of it.

We were running late, so I tried to wash Nathanial's hands, to no avail. I figured it would eventually wear off. (I was correct by the way...with enough washing and time, it does go away.) The boys all sat down to eat thier lunch and the school rush started. We ran around getting everyone in shoes, coats, hats, getting Aidan's bookbag, Aidan finding his sharing time item; the usual school things. Then Hannah got buckled in her carseat and the car rush started - everyone in car seats, getting buckled, making sure they have a toy if they brought one. All this for a three minute ride.

We got home, and as per our ritual, the boys headed directly up the stairs to bed as soon as coats, hats, and shoes were removed. Hannah was still sleeping peacefully in her car seat, so I ate lunch at an unhurried pace for a change. Then Hannah got up. That's when I saw it....her hair was sticking straight up on end. With clear, super glue looking stuff in it. I about screamed. I was horrified that my baby who actually has some hair may now lose it all. Because Nathanial didn't keep his hands to himself. Which was odd, because he usually doesn't really care about her if she isn't on me.

I really thought I was going to have to cut it, but I was determined not to. I shot up a quick prayer, and prayed the entire time I washed her hair. After a whole lot of baby shampoo, and rubbing, it actually came out. Whew! I was not happy with the thought that it might not. Nathanial was saved.

Then I got them up from their naps and noticed Noah's hair was similarly styled...and his face had an odd, shiny look to it. That is when I knew it was not Nathanial at all who had "loved" Hannah's hair with glue, but Noah.

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