Friday, November 14, 2008

Report Cards and Videos

Aidan got his report card and it was great! He has grown so much in one year. Last year, we were concerned because he was so shy, wouldn't interact with others, and was just socially having a really hard time.

This year, he is making lots of friends, he's on task, he's involved all the time and shares with others, he is able to complete all tasks, he's just doing great. I am so thankful we decided not to send him to kindergarten. Socially, he really wasn't ready. This is giving him that extra boost he needed.

It's such a relief to know he's doing less thing to worry about in the course of a day!

Aidan learned a "Fat Turkey" song and it is hilarious, but for some reason, blogger is not uploading videos. I've reported it and it says they are "aware" of the problem. Until they fix it, you can see his "Fat Turkey" and another video here. It's hilarious!

While you're at it, here's a video of Nathanial dancing - they love Go Fish. While Nathanial was dancing, Ethan was up to no good coloring in a book. I probably should have taken it away, but instead I videotaped it! Noah was holding and kissing Hannah, while watching and doing a little jig to the Go Fish Guys.

Hopefully, Blogger will figure out their videos soon, so I can get them on here!

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