Monday, January 12, 2009

Hannah's Happy Heiny

About two weeks ago, we started Hannah in cloth diapers. It has been awesome! I so wanted to do it with the triplets, but didn't think I could. They are now next on my list. I'm still waiting on inserts for her diapers, but I have the extra ovals already. I started using prefolds, but those were way bulky. Then I started cutting those apart, but it was still bulky. Someone told me to try microfiber towels cut apart. That is what we are using currently and they work awesome! I'm hoping the inserts will be slightly less bulky than the towels, but for now, this is working. She has had more messes in her overnight disposables than in these! She only has three so far, so it takes her through the entire day, but not nighttime (when I wash them for the next day). Steve has said if I do the laundry and follow through with it for a month, then I can order more! Yay!

I did learn one thing. I am not going to do sizes again. When I was looking, I got an awesome deal and they were sized diapers. Well, as soon as she grows, that means I am going to need more. Our next ones will be one size fits all gender-neutral diapers. That way everybody can share. The laundry has been so easy! Because she's breastfed, there is no need to rinse them until she starts on solid food (around 8 months) and they are fleece-lined, so the poopies just rinse right out. I throw everything in, wash it, and it comes out sparkling. I know most people are already aware of this, but the last time I used cloth, it was over 13 years ago and those were still just prefolds with lots of pins and rubber pants - with lots of scrubbing. What a pain! They have come a long way since then!

I'm excited for the triplets to get into them because they more than likely have another year in diapers and even at that rate, I am saving a huge amount on the landfill. I also think they'd be great for Noah - he is sooo sensitive to everything. Maybe with all the snaps, they might even deter Nathanial from whipping it all off in the middle of his nap/night.


Anonymous said...

Keep it up boys grandpas so very proud of you guys. Love ya He he he

Ash said...

yeah Trista!!!! All moms should be able to do this if a mom of 6 can fit it are a testament to everyone else that it doesn't really take that much time. I plan to bring my stuff to MOPS even though the green thing isn't going on and maybe you and I can convince a few more to use cloth!