Friday, January 30, 2009


So much to catch up on it seems in only a couple of days!

On Tuesday night, Ethan was screaming in his room, so I finally went up and got him out. For the first two hours, I had no idea what had happened and he was happy as a lark sitting next to me on the couch resting. Then, I went to get water in the kitchen and a few minutes later, he followed. That's when I noticed he was limping. I had carried him downstairs and put him on the couch, so I didn't notice it sooner. I put him down and made him walk to me to see how he was limping. He was using the side of his foot. Upon closer inspection, his foot was slightly swollen but I couldn't immediately tell where the pain was coming from. As I was getting my coat on to head to the ER...again...Steve noticed it was his toe. We finally decided that we would just wait and see what the morning brought. I took him to bed with us until 2 am and he wouldn't sleep, so he went back to his own bed. By yesterday, he was still limping, but the swelling was gone. He did something to the top of his toe, but we have no idea what. It is purple under the toenail and he is still favoring it, but really doctors do nothing for toes, so we're just going to wait it out. The swelling is completely gone, too.


Ethan, Nathanial, and Noah had the speech pathologist and early childhood specialist come to the house yesterday to finish up the evaluation. The boys did really well, especially considering it was another marathon session, with the ladies here for about two hours. When we were talking about it afterwards, it seems to me that they are probably going to qualify for services. I really pray they do because I just want them to communicate with me more. The more questions they asked the more convinced I became that Nathanial is probably just fine and not on the spectrum anywhere. As we were dissecting his behavior, he seems to be pretty much up to par with the other two, just a little more introverted. They set up a time to come back with recommendations on February 27 (she said it will take a while to figure everything out), so I guess we'll know more then!


I am soooo frustrated!! We are trying to make reservations for a hotel - for one measly night - for this summer. I have called (because you certainly can't book online) eight different hotels. ONE has rooms to fit eight people - and they want your life savings for it. The rest refuse to guarantee that we could even get adjoining rooms. You can put in a "special request," but they can't promise it will be there when you check in. Seriously??? What a crock! I am so peeved and so exhausted. Maybe it would help if it wasn't such a large city, but really. Will we never be able to take our family on vacation again or are we doomed to campgrounds and never another hotel? BTW, I refuse to tent it...not gonna do it. And do they care that four of the six children are two and under? Nope.


I called today and Aidan is signed up for kindergarten. I nearly cried when I hung up the phone. Even the school secretary couldn't believe Aidan was old enough to be going next year. Not only is he old enough, he will be one of the older kids in his class. I am so sad...I can't imagine going through this another four times! Aidan and I have Kindergarten Round Up on March 6. At least he is super excited...he can't wait. It seems like this milestone is going to come up very quickly on me.


The "little boys" turn two next week - TWO!! I'm trying to stop referring to them as "the babies" and the "little boys" seems to work. Now we have the "little boys" and the "big boys." I am going to work on posts for each of them next week, so watch for those!

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