Monday, January 26, 2009

Development Testing Update

The boys went in for their testing on Friday. Ethan and Nathanial had seen the ENT on Tuesday and she recommended we wait for the hearing part of the testing until Ethan's ear was better. When I called, the AEA said that they would do the testing with the knowledge that he probably wouldn't pass in that ear and we can follow up on that ear later. With five out of six ears doing well, though, we really didn't want to put everything off.

The hearing part for all of them was fine. Nathanial and Ethan both missed a few tones. Ethan did flunk in his right ear, which we knew he would, but he did great in the "hearing range" test, so he's fine. The audiologist recommended waiting to re-test all of them (Ethan included) until they are old enough to do it with headphones - around age 3. I personally feel that they have had their hearing tested plenty and are fine, so we are not really concerned about that part. We just had to do it because they don't want to start any sort of speech help until they know they can hear at a learning level.

They met with the audiologist, two speech pathologists, one early childhood developmental specialist, and one child psychologist. It took about two and a half hours to get everyone tested and they did great. All three went into the room with Steve and I and all the "specialists" and then they just played. Daddy then took each one out individually to do the hearing testing. Mostly, they were observed while they were playing and we were asked a lot of questions.

As is usual, they were pretty silent. They played and laughed and threw things (which is quickly becoming "normal" - much to my dismay!) and acted like their normal little almost-two-year-old selves. They decided they want to evaluate them at least two more times - both at home - to see if they are any different at home than they were there (aka - more talkative).

At this stage, we know nothing. We don't know if they have a "true" delay - although after reading through the material they sent home, I'm more positive than I ever was that they do have a true delay. They will come here on Thursday and one more time yet to be determined to observe them again. Then they will all meet together and share what they felt each of their opinions was and come up with a plan of action. Then they will meet with Steve and I. So we are a long way to finding out if they even qualify for services, but I am honestly praying that they will. If nothing else, we need to stop the high level of "twin" (triplet, in their case) speak going on.

The one speech pathologist did say that even if they don't qualify for services now, that we are to keep a close eye on them because they may in six months to a year. She said it was good we are keeping close track of them.

If they do qualify for services, they will have one of two levels. They either will qualify for 60 or 120 minutes per month, which amounts to one-one hour session or two-one hour sessions per month. I am not sure if that is each of them or for all three together. I didn't think to ask about it when we were there, and I will ask on Thursday.

I also voiced my concerns about Nathanial, so they know that I am concerned about him being somewhere on the spectrum and that Steve isn't (they said that's common). And I told them I was concerned about everyone's level of frustration by lack of communication. Ethan and Noah are especially getting more and more honked off much easier because we do not understand each other. The child psychologist felt that pictures may help if their comprehension is there (it is, in my novice opinion), so that was one idea.

One interesting thing happened. I sign with them - constantly. They refuse to sign back and look at me like I am some insane woman put in their life just to irritate them when I expect it back. As in, I wait while getting them a drink and sign "More milk please." Then they look at me like I'm an idiot, then I get the drink and sign to them "Thank you." Again, the look. Yeah, right lady - just give me the drink. Well, Noah was playing with the speech pathologist and she suddenly asked if I signed with them and then asked if "please" was one we use. She then informed me Noah signed "please" to her - repeatedly. Interesting.... So they know what I want and they know how to do it and yet they refuse? Huh.... Welcome to the two's!!


Anonymous said...

Trista, You are the Mom of 6! I hardly think your opinion is "Novice"!! You should write a book!

I love you and you are always in my prayers--


Anonymous said...

Praying for you - and all the kids with these concerns and day to day trials you are facing.