Friday, May 8, 2009

Apples and Cheerios

Ethan has always been able to just take or leave Hannah. He isn't jealous of her; he isn't totally enamored with her; she just is. He has held her on occasion when he has noticed that Nathanial and Noah were holding her, but for only literally seconds. I was making supper and I walked back in to the most adorable scene - especially considering his indifference to Hannah. Apparently, since Hannah has started eating "real food" and sitting up and playing more, she has become more of an "equal" and therefor, worthy of a little more attention.

Ethan sharing his cheerios with Hannah.
He really is giving her some - and she really is eating them (I panicked when I saw they were honey nut and not regular, but she did OK). Nathanial and Noah get in on the action....with their apples.

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Anonymous said...

This is SO sweet!
Grandma B