Monday, May 4, 2009

Women of Faith

I went to Women of Faith again this year - after a two year break. It was awesome!! We made a whole weekend of it and it was fantastic to get a break from our everyday chaos. Poor Dad had to deal with three sick kids, but still had a good weekend. I did not get a lot of pictures (I know, shocking) because Hannah finally discovered the camera and has decided she loves to play with it.

Friday night we enjoyed a Steven Curtis Chapman concert. Now, as a rule, I am not a huge fan of SCC. I do enjoy him, but prior to Friday night, he never would have been someone I would have paid to see. (Why does that sound so sacrilegious???) I have always loved him as a person, though. After seeing him live, I would pay to see him again and again. Loved it.

I was absolutely thrilled to see that Mandisa was coming to Iowa - I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Mandisa. I didn't get many pictures of her, just because of where she was. Here she is - the backside of her. She sang both Friday and Saturday.

Lisa Welchel!!! Yep - Blair from the Facts of Life! Her talk was wonderful. It is fascinating to hear the "other side" of what was really going on in her life at the time of Facts of Life and how her childhood was - plus her life after the show.

Katie (left) - who so graciously opened her home for us and was an awesome hostess - and Tiffany enjoying a break Saturday.

Erica and Ali - we all had so much fun!
And, yes, as much as I really don't want to post this, a picture of Tiff and me...Hannah loved her first Women of Faith conference. She was riveted by the music and the speakers and all the lights. She was a very good little girl. Hannah was very tuckered out by the time we came home Sunday afternoon and slept almost the entire way home!

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