Sunday, June 14, 2009

Aidan's Birthday Party

Aidan had his sixth birthday party and had so much fun! He almost could not wait for it - he was so excited he even helped clean (that post coming soon)!
aidan waiting patiently to open his gifts
so excited to get mariokart

austin helping aidan read his cards

this one was a huge hit - with everyone

nathanial couldn't wait to see what was in the big box

hannah really just liked all the bows and wrapping paper to play withhannah did stop once in a while to check everything outaidan loves batman
would you just hurry up and take the picture so i can go play???

so embarrassed to be sung to
{yes, mom is a little behind the curve these days and forgot to get candles, so she improvised...two, four, six!}

ethan rocking his faux-hawk
{never mind the filthy face...}

everyone singing to aidan

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Anonymous said...

Hi all, I love the picture of Hannah that you do in the tub. Yes I know ive been asking for one to complete my library. Aidan is growing so fast and we had a great time at his b-day party. Love Grandpa & grandma Willey

Anonymous said...

I have an Aiden too (just with an E instead of an A)