Thursday, June 4, 2009

Surgery for Thano

We went back to the ENT for Nathanial's recheck. We have decided that it would be best to remove the tubes and start over. Dr. B feels that he has a biofilm (?) on the tubes that is causing continuous, back to back infections. She said that sometimes your body will attack foreign objects and that is what appears to be happening here. So on Wednesday Thano will go in to have the tubes removed, then she will clean all the infection out from everywhere, flush everything with antibiotics, remove his adenoids, and give him IV antibiotics. Between removing and adding new tubes, flushing with antibiotics, giving IV antibiotics, and following up with an antibiotic course, we are hoping to stop this continuous cycle. I hate antibiotics and I definitely feel that in today's society they are way over-used, but in this situation, he needs them. He is growing out 'several' different types of bacteria - "so far." Some of the cultures aren't even back yet! Poor little fella!

Please pray this takes care of everything and he stops having so many infections. Also please pray for Dr. B, a quick surgery, and quick healing.

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