Friday, June 12, 2009

Nathanial's Surgery

Nathanial had surgery on Wednesday for his tubes and to remove his adenoids. Dr. B went in and took out his old tubes, then cleaned everything out and flushed it with antibiotics. She said that his right ear was just bulging with infection and granulated tissue. His left ear was somewhat better but not a lot. She then put it new tubes and gave him IV antibiotics. He had a bit of trouble with barking and breathing afterwards, so while he was in recovery, they gave him a nebulizer treatment. He would not sit still for me while we were at the hospital, so I only got one picture of him prior to him going back...and of course, he has his tongue out!

I got home to some very sleepy boys (they all got up at 5 am and have all week!) who were passed out on the living room floor. It was kind of funny, but that also meant poor Nathanial didn't get the nap he so very needed because he didn't want to miss out. Not sure I will ever give him pain medicine again, either. He had a bit of an issue with it - he looked rather out of it and was having some issues walking...and that was with 1/2 the dose!

All in all, he's done very well. We are having some drainage still, but I'm hoping that is just from the surgery. Please pray with us that this heals him and he doesn't have any more issues with his ears!

Nathanial at home with his surgical hat on.

Noah is sleep-y!

Ethan is also exhausted!


Anonymous said...

We are so glad that Nathanial is done with his surgery and that everything went well. Now we pray that he doesn't have any more issues with his ears. Kisses and hugs to all. Love Grandpa Rick & Grandma Pam

Anonymous said...

Poor guy! Praying for his complete healing!


Our wild zoo! said...

Trista, thank you so very much for your suggestions and prayer. You have given me a lot to think about and talk over with my husband. I looked through your blog and I am AMAZED at all you balance with so much grace. It is obvious you are walking beside Christ in this journey! What a bright light you are- You've truly been blessed with a beautiful family. Thanks again for taking the time to contact me, I appreciate it so much and it really lifted a weight off me.