Monday, July 27, 2009

So much to do!!!

I have been busy enjoying summer and in the last couple of weeks, my blog has been neglected. I have done several back-dated posts of our activities of late. Also please keep Nathanial in prayer. He was infection-free after the last set of new tubes for about two weeks, now is back to growing out several infections in his left ear. He also has another staph infection growing outside his ear again.

And, please also keep Stellan in your prayers. He has been in persistant SVT for days and is not doing well at all. They are currently planning to airlift him to Boston. Please remember his family in your prayers, also. This has been an amazingly difficult battle for them, as you can well imagine, and they need to be able to rest in the Great Physician's arms now.

And now, scroll down and "relive" our summer fun for a bit!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks Trista - this was great!