Sunday, July 19, 2009

Sumner Days - Fireworks!!

Saturday night was just as cold as Friday night, if not colder. So we bundled up and headed downtown for the talent show and fireworks. We weren't sure if we really wanted to have the triplets and Hannah up that late for that, but they have never seen them before and it has been three years since we had gone downtown to see the fireworks. Even though waiting got a bit long and, well, nerve-racking, with six children, four of whom are two and under, it was well worth it and we knew it the second the first firework went off. They were absolutely mesmerized and loved every second of it!

Austin and Hannah
My favorite photo of Austin to date

Aidan, quite bored, waiting...

Ethan is getting very sleepy while waiting.

Hannah is still a happy camper

Noah Noah - oh, I'm not tired at all.
{Just please do not make me sit down.}

Nathanial waiting happily.

One of the fireworks...

The look of awe on Noah...

Nathanial loves it...

Ethan can't believe it!

Aidan enjoys the fireworks.

Hannah even likes it.

Austin and Aidan walking home...
Aidan is freezing, so still wearing his blanket.

Everyone is very sleepy...

Hannah doesn't last long at all.

I'm honestly not tired Mommy!!!!!!

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Traci Price said...

I love the picture of Austin. From someone who understands (if that's possible) Asperger's kids, I know that is a great feeling to see your kid smiling so happily.