Thursday, March 13, 2008

Austin's Solo

Austin had his Variety Show on Monday night. He had one solo and parts in two skits, a ticket line and a "Fear Factor" skit. He did a great job! The video is a little shaky...I was holding Noah and Ethan was also trying to grab the camera. It's also a little loud with Ethan and Noah. (Nathanial was being very good!) Austin is the second part. It was part of a reprise of 90's songs and his song was "After All." It's also on the dropshots page (in the links on the right under "family photos").

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Anonymous said...

Great job Austin! Grandpa and I love to hear you sing. You have a very nice voice and we are so proud of you! It reminds me of you and Grandpa Rich singing in the living room when you were really little.

Grandma and Grandpa B.

Anonymous said...

Great job Austin. Love ya buddy Grandpa Rick

Gina said...

He has a great voice and is able to get up there in front of all of those people - High five from me!

(I know how it is trying to juggle a kid and do the stage mom picture taking too - Not that easy!)